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Small Waves Of Positive Change.

Monumental Momentum To Transform Lives.

Attending Events,… and Knowing You Are Helping A Worthy Cause! 

Events With A Purpose For Adult Social Butterflies.

10% of Proceeds Benefit Top “A” Rated Charities! 


Regardless of Any Of Our EVENT Services,… 

Attending one of our EVENT Fun or Purchasing EVENT Apparel,… 

If You Feel You Are In A Position of Charitable Offerings,… 

And Feel In A Genrous Mood,… 

Feel Free To Donate. 

Thank You. 


Event Butterfly Inc ensures the FULL 100% of Your Donation 

Destination is a Top “A” Rated Charity of Your Chosing. 

Need Another Way To Donate?


EVENT Apparel

T-Shirts • Hats

10% of Proceeds Benefit Top ‘A’ Rated Charities! 

EVENT Apparel Offered with each EVENT Fun. LEARN MORE…

List Of Charity Organizations

EVENT Butterfly Inc
Donates To

Top "A" Rated Charities


Donate To A Charity Of Your Choice?

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However,… What If You Need Your Donation To Go To A Specific Charity Of Your Choice? 
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