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Small Waves Of Positive Change.

Monumental Momentum To Transform Lives.

Attending Events,… and Knowing You Are Helping A Worthy Cause! 

Events With A Purpose For Adult Social Butterflies.

10% of Proceeds Benefit Top “A” Rated Charities! 


Regardless of Any Of Our EVENT Services,… 

Attending one of our EVENT Fun or Purchasing EVENT Apparel,… 

If You Feel You Are In A Position of Charitable Offerings,… 

And Feel In A Genrous Mood,… 

Feel Free To Donate. 

Thank You. 


Event Butterfly Inc ensures the FULL 100% of Your Donation 

Destination is a Top “A” Rated Charity of Your Chosing. 

Need Another Way To Donate?


EVENT Apparel

T-Shirts • Hats

10% of Proceeds Benefit Top ‘A’ Rated Charities! 

EVENT Apparel Offered with each EVENT Fun. LEARN MORE…

List Of Charity Organizations

EVENT Butterfly Inc
Donates To
Top "A" Rated Charities

Event Butterfly Inc promotes 

CharityWatch List of Top-Rated Charities

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