Thank You for placing Your trust in Event Butterfly Inc since 2012.


Your generosity as an Event Butterfly Customer, also empowers you as a Patron to a Charity. Event Butterfly Inc. directly donates 10% of all proceeds to benefit top “A” rated Charities. Occasionally Event Butterfly runs marketing campaigns with donations exceeding 10%. The race for human survival against the Covid-19 is one very good example in which 100% of all proceeds are going directly to help create a vaccine cure!

A top rated charity is one that in which, most to all funding go toward benefiting the actual cause, and little to no funding goes toward the overhead to run the charitable institution including expenses and advertising.

“Live the changes we wish to see in the world!” as spoken by influential people in history.
– Mahatma Gandhi • Arleen Lorrance • Ernest Troutner • Diane Kennedy Pike


Thank You for your help to grow the list for Top “A” Rated Charities!

We have organized the list based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Event Butterfly endorses the following Charity organizations:


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10% of Proceeds Benefit Top "A" Rated Charities!  Learn More...