Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces with Vases and Mini Pumpkins

Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces with Vases and Mini Pumpkins
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Welcome to the Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces with Vases and Mini Pumpkins! 

Do You need ideas to decorate the Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece? 

Created for You are Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas using Vases and the theme of Mini Pumpkins! 

We will briefly introduce the Design and Assembly principles of Vase Centerpieces. 

Then the Fun Stuff early on! We have 3 “Vase with Mini Pumpkin” creations to inspire You! 

Then we may get into additional matters. Mini Pumpkins in Vases for Thanksgiving bring up some questions about Mini Pumpkins. Such as: 

  • What are Mini Pumpkins?
  • What Mini Pumpkin species exist?
  • Where may I obtain my Mini Pumpkins?
  • Are there Mini Pumpkin alternatives?
  • What are some Mini Pumpkin Vase Centerpiece ideas?
  • Why Mini Pumpkins in my Thanksgiving Vase Centerpiece?
  • What items go well with Mini Pumpkins in Vase Centerpieces?
  • How do I correctly assemble my Vase centerpiece and with Mini Pumpkins?
  • How may I incorporate this trending “Pumpkin Spice” scent smell into my centerpiece? 

Let us know in the comments below if You may have additional questions and or ideas to share with the Event Community. 


The Mini Pumpkin centerpiece projects demonstrated are designed using the assembly principles of Centerpieces.

Assembling a centerpiece really is simply stacking the items and in a chronological order. 

A brief overview of the assembly is the 

  • Foundation
  • Turntable
  • Support Base
  • LED Base Light
  • Vase 
  • Vase Trim 
  • Surround 
  • LED Submersible Light 
  • Vase Bottom Filler 
  • Vase Body Filler 
  • Vase Top Filler 

Learn more in detail at the Cylinder Vase Centerpiece post. The Design & Assembly works for all Vase Centerpiece styles and designs. 


Suspended Pumpkin Magic In Water & Fire Centerpiece 

Vase 1: Glass • Cylinder • Diameter 10 cm • Height: 25 cm 
Light: LED Uplight Base or LED Submersible Light 
Vase Body Filler: Mini Pumpkin – Jack-Be-Little Orange 
Vase Body Filler: Hydrogel orbs – Clear 
Vase Body Filler: Vase Pearls in Assorted Sizes • Appropriate Colors – Orange, Sunrise, Marigold, Gold, Copper, Chocolate, Ivory, White
Vase Top Filler: Floating Oil Lamp – made of Glass, Crystal, or Copper 
Vase Top Filler: Candle Fuel – Paraffin Lamp Oil  
Vase Top Filler: Essential Oil – Pumpkin Spice / Pumpkin Pie

The Mini Pumpkin & Pearls Float like magic with the scent of pumpkin in the air.  

Assemble the Vase and LED together. Choose either the LED Base Light or the LED Submersible Light.

Place a layer of the Hydrogel orbs, Mini Pumpkins, and Vase Pearls in assorted sizes and appropriate colors, in the vase. Continue alternating until the vase is 75% filled. Complete the look with the final top layer as the Hydrogel orbs. 

Add water, and the Hydrogel orbs disappear! Revealing the remaining Mini Pumpkins  and Vase Pearls that appear to be suspended! Magic! 

Next is to prepare the Floating Oil Lamp made of Glass, Crystal, or Copper. Fill the Lamp with Paraffin Lamp Oil, as it will burn odorless and clean. Then mix in with the lamp, the Essential Oil scent in the Pumpkin Spice / Pumpkin Pie. Spice or Pie… they are the same; just different marketing. 

The final result is a Pumpkin feast for the eyes and nose.

One final thought here. The internet says the Oil Lamp can also be Coconut Oil and or Vegetable Oil. If You have had success in the past with these oils, please let us know in the comments below. If You attempt to use these oils after reading this, please use care and caution before and while proceeding.  


  • Mix all 3 species types together in one vase; the mentioned Jack-Be-Little Orange, Baby Boo White, and Tiger Stripe Hybrid (in either Orange, Yellow, or Green).

    These species are close in size, with some variation. Select pumpkins that are identical to as close to each other as possible. The slight variations in size may require a larger volume vase depending on the overall average sizes of these mini pumpkin.

    For Dining Tables, we suggest a wider vase. The vase height can be 25 centimeters or less. Permit guests to interact with one another across-table. A centerpiece should be a conversation starter,… not a conversation blocker.

    A Buffet Table may hold a grand vase, taller and or wider. Guests are roaming around the table. So there is less concern of a grand vase blocking guest interaction.

  • Vase 1: Diameter 10 cm • Height: 25 cm
    Vase 2: Diameter 10 cm • Height: 25 cm
    Vase 3: Diameter 10 cm • Height: 25 cm

    All 3 Vases are equal in diameter and height.

    Place each 3 species types of Mini Pumpkin in their separate Vase.

    Assemble the Vase in a triangle/triad. Fasten the 3 Vases together with Vase Trim of Your choice, such as raffia orange dyed, or perhaps ribbon in thanksgiving colors in the patterns of gingham or plaid. 

Giant Pumpkin Farm Terrarium Centerpiece 

Vase 1: Glass • Slant Bubble Bowl • Diameter 20 cm • Height 20 cm 
Support Base: Mirror • Circle • 25 cm
Vase Bottom Filler: Aquarium Gravel Orange or Pebbles or Clay Balls
Vase Bottom Filler: Activated Carbon / Charcoal  
Vase Bottom Filler: Potting Soil or Aqua Soil 
Vase Bottom Filler: Colored Sands
Vase Body Filler: Moss
Vase Body Filler: Plants – Miniature Ivy or Baby Tears
Vase Body Filler: Mini Pumpkin Jack-Be-Little Orange
Vase Body Filler: Figurines of Giant Pumpkin Farm and Farmer and Animals

Welcome to the “Giant Pumpkin Farm” Terrarium! This year we grew our largest pumpkin to date! Come see our prized Pumpkin produce! 

Clean the interior and exterior of the terrarium bowl with glass cleaner. Use gloves. Remove all fingerprints. 

You may want to build the layers of the terrarium outside in a comfortable work area. This is especially true when working with the potting soils. 

Let’s create the bottom filler. This is the base of the terrarium. Carefully place the orange gravel or pebble or clay balls inside the bowl. Feel free to use one of them, or layer them for a unique look. 

This layer helps with soil drainage and plant root development. Remember we are creating a mini ecosystem. 

We are using aquarium gravel in orange color to complement the overall look. 

Pebbles do well as water and roots can seep in between.  

Finally the clay balls will retain water for terrarium plants. 

Next add a layer of the Activated Carbon / Charcoal for purification. This helps avoid odors and mold. 

Scoop in an adequate amount of  Potting Soil or Aqua Soil. 

Next is the favorite part! Decorating! Tweezers may help. 

Do a dry run and temporarily position where everything will go. 

Add a layer of the live Moss as the ground cover to resemble grass. 

Place in the Mini Pumpkin to where you want. Did I say Mini Pumpkin?… I meant “Giant Pumpkin”! LOL. 

Ivy leaves are relatively small and the miniature ivy plant varieties even smaller. Thus ideal for terrariums. 

The leaves of Ivy and miniature ivy closely resemble that of pumpkin patch leaves! Perfect for our Giant Pumpkin Farm! 

Arrange Farm Figurines. Model Train and Diorama figurines are perfect for this application. Such as a farmer, farm tractor, farm animals, barn, and farmhouse. 

Mix in pumpkin figurines or gummy pumpkin candy under and between the leaves. 

Build a “Giant Pumpkin Farm” sign from wooden popsicle sticks, glue and magic markers. Stick it into the terrarium. 

The wooden popsicle sticks also make an excellent garden fence. 

Carefully bring the whole assembly to the table. 

The vase terrarium is wide with a lower center of gravity. A motorized battery operated turntable could work here. A turntable is an excellent way to continuously rotate the display.

Put the turntable in the middle of the table. 

Place a vase support base on the turntable. Our support base is a circle mirror with a diameter of 25 cm. 

Put on the gloves again and clean off any remaining fingerprints from the vase and support base. 

Finally decorate on top of the support base, known as the surround (surrounding area) of the vase. Place additional mini pumpkins on the vase support base. 

There You have it… A Giant Pumpkin Farm terrarium!


  • Instead of a “Giant Pumpkin Farm” theme,…
    Perhaps a First Thanksgiving with Native American and Pilgrim Figurines sharing their meal together.
  • Or perhaps a Fall Foliage Forest diorama terrarium. In the woods with woodland critters flocking around. 

Pumpkin and the Gang 

Vase Base Support:  Mirror – Glass – Round – Diameter 30 cm

Vase 1:  Glass • Cylinder • Diameter 17 cm • Height: 30 cm 
Vase Body Filler:  Mini Pumpkin

Vase 2:  Glass • Cylinder • Diameter 15 cm • Height: 40 cm 
Vase Bottom Filler:  Pumpkin Seeds 
Vase Body Filler:  LED Fairy Lights or LED Candle 

Vase 3:  Glass • Cylinder • Diameter 12 cm • Height: 50 cm 
Vase Bottom Filler:  Hydrogel Orange 
Vase Body Filler:  Water 
Vase Top Filler:  Flowers Bouquet Orange
Vase Trim:  Ribbon • Raffia Orange 

This group of three Vases comes together in a harmony of equivalent volumes. As the Vase heights increase, their diameters decrease, and yet the area stays relatively the same. The result is a tiered design that is visually pleasing. 

This may be used on either the Thanksgiving Dining Table or the Buffet table. 

Clean the Vase Base Support of the Mirror, and all the Vases thoroughly. Remove all the fingerprints. 

Place the Vase Base Support down. 

Assemble Vase 1. This is the shortest Vase. Simply place varieties of Mini Pumpkin into the Vase. Use any and all species that You would like. 

Assemble Vase 2. This is the medium height Vase. The bottom quarter of the Vase is to be filled with Pumpkin Seeds and conceals the Fairy Light batteries. Fill in about half of the seeds. 

Turn on the Fairy Lights and with fresh recycle batteries. Fill in the remaining seeds. 

Assemble Vase 3: Finally the tallest Vase. Be especially careful with this vase, as it also has the most narrow diameter. The Hydrogel in the Orange color, is fully hydrated. Scoop the Hydrogel into the Vase. Fill to a third or a half. This becomes the Vase Bottom Fill. 

Use a small Watering Can to pour in half the water. 

Arrange the Flower Bouquet. We are using an Orange Flower arrangement. Root the stems into the Hydrogel. 

Finally if everything is how You like it, pour in the remaining water. 

Wrap the 3 Vases together using the Vase Wrap. Use a wide Thanksgiving color ribbon on the Base and Top of the Vases. Accent the ribbon with Raffia in Orange color. 

The final piece is a tiered masterpiece that may work on both Tables. 

On the Buffet Table, it is a piece that will tower over the food.

On the Dining Table, the Vase heights have been carefully selected to allow Guests to have eye contact. Vase 1 & Vase 2 are below Guest’s eye level, while the Vase 3 Top Filler Flower Bouquet is above.  


  • Instead of a Fairy Light, use an LED Candle. It must be LED here with no heat source below the Flower Bouquet. A traditional candle with flame just would not due in this case.
  • For added Vase Base support, use a larger Pumpkin with a wide flat bottom. Trace the grouping of the Vase diameters onto the top of the Pumpkin. Carefully insert each of the vases one by one.


“Mini Pumpkin” is a term that refers to those Pumpkin species that are of the smaller variety.

All Mini Pumpkins are Pumpkins. All Pumpkins are Squash. All Squash are Gourds. 

Some Gourds are edible and some are inedible. The Squash are all edible. So all Pumpkins and Mini Pumpkins are also edible. 

Here is a fun pumpkin fact. Pumpkins and the Number 10 have a few things in common. 

A Pumpkin has 10 raised areas called the rind, which are separated by 10 recessed ribs. Those rinds and ribs are more clearly defined on the Mini Pumpkin species. 

The Pumpkin season is in full swing by month 10,… October, and continues even well after Thanksgiving. 

Mini Pumpkins contain elements that define what is a fruit and what is a vegetable. They have seeds of a fruit. Yet nutrients as a vegetable. 


Mini Pumpkins come in a variety of species. There are about 11 Species of Mini Pumpkin in the world.


  1. Jack-Be-Little 
  2. Wee-Be-Little
  3. Munchkin 
  4. Bumpkin 
  5. Sugar 


  1. Baby Boo 
  2. Gooligan 
  3. Casperita


  1. Kabocha

Hybrid of Orange White Green

  1. Tiger Stripe 
  2. Hooligan

We like to use Mini Pumpkins of the same size and shape. We prefer to use the Jack-Be-Littles of Orange, the Baby Boos of White, and the Hybrid Tiger Stripes of their Orange white or Green. 


Mini Pumpkins are the quintessential fall food to use on the Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece. 

The smaller the Pumpkin, the easier they are to work with. 

Mini Pumpkins simply occupy less volume on Thanksgiving Tables. This is most important on tables overflowing with food and huddled with guests. 

Mini Pumpkins weigh much less. Delicate Vase Centerpieces are able to carry the load of the Mini Pumpkin. 

Mini Pumpkins are a designer’s joy. Their varieties in color and pattern make them superb in displays. 

Mini Pumpkins will last a longer time and are extremely hardy. Use them throughout all the fall festivities and in many centerpieces. They possess tough skins, dense bodies, and tighter cores, making them very strong.

In general, all Pumpkins are an iconic food of the fall season. They reach their ripeness in mid-autumn. So displaying Pumpkins on Thanksgiving is a perfect union. 

The icon shape of a pumpkin is defined by the symmetry of its rinds and ribs. This symmetry increases, as the size decreases. So in other words, a smaller pumpkin equals a more perfect pumpkin. 

So hence, the Mini Pumpkins are the iconic Pumpkin to use. They have better distinctive features of the rinds and ribs. Study the shapes and sizes of all pumpkin, and one may conclude the Mini Pumpkin species are a more perfect specimen of what a pumpkin is defined as to be and look.   

Mini Pumpkin are able to grow in perfect to near-to-perfect symmetry, and are less confined by the forces of gravity to mass.

Finally, all Pumpkins are edible. After all the fall events are finished… use the Mini Pumpkins to nourish Your body. Get another use out of them. Mother nature designed all fruits and all vegetables to be consumed, in order to spread their seeds. If it possesses seeds, and has a pleasing taste, it was designed to be eaten by an Animal of the Kingdom! 

Mini Pumpkins may be cooked or baked. Tons of recipes exist for Mini Pumpkin. Pumpkin Soup Bowls – use them to cook and serve Pumpkin Soup. Or Stuffed Mini Pumpkins filled with Vegetables, Rice, and Meats.

The Mini Pumpkin may be small. However they represent everything so big of what a perfect Pumpkin is to be, and possibly more. They are the perfect fall food to handle, display, and eat. 


The two ways to obtain Mini Pumpkins are to Grow them, or Buy them in having someone else grow them. 


Here are the top companies that sell the Mini Pumpkin seeds, so that You may grow them Yourself. 


When do You grow Mini Pumpkin? Mini Pumpkin need a full 3 months to fully mature; 90 – 95 days. They can be planted between April to July. They may be planted between mid Spring to mid Summer. Plant them in the Spring when the ground begins to warm. Or plant them no later than the end of July, if they are to make the Thanksgiving deadline. 

Buying Mini Pumpkins are done in wholesale or retail.

Wholesale sellers are usually the Mini Pumpkin Farmers and or their Distribution chain that sell Mini Pumpkin in huge orders in the magnitude of tens to hundreds to thousands. Often the pumpkins are delivered in large bins and moved around with a forklift. 

Wholesale buyers are either event designers who are buying for a large event, or more than often are companies, organizations, and or individuals who are better set up to resell in smaller orders found in the Retail space… which we will cover now.

Retail sellers of the Mini Pumpkin are selling in small orders from a single pumpkin to tens of pumpkins. This is usually the best option for our home event needs as we only need one to a few ten. 

If You are a professional event designer, You have your quantity numbers down to a science and know how many to order. 

If you are planning a home event, our recommendation is to buy twice as much. Mini Pumpkins are often in high demand. It is always better to have more than You may need, rather than not having enough to go around. Remember, they are Mini so You may need more. 

Even if You do not use all the Mini Pumpkins for decorating the Centerpiece, You may still use them for decorating the home. Even still, there is always room for cooking and baking with them. 

An added bonus is for the artist. They make great still life subjects for photography, drawing, and painting.

  • Internet:
    The Internet is Your best chance at obtaining the best selection of all the Mini Pumpkin varieties that You need.

    The most affordable is buying local and shorter shipping distances. If possible, find those local farmers.

    Check out the Pumpkin Patch Acre Map of the United States counties. Courtesy of the USDA data, and The Washington Post report.

    In saying all that, it is still a good idea to contact any internet Farms and Markets You use. Occasionally Pumpkin growers and sellers need to fluctuate between Wholesale and Retail, to meet the supply and demand of the current year.

    In the writing of this post, here are the following…
  • Local Sources 
    • SuperMarkets 
    • Country Produce Stores 
    • Vegetable Stands 
    • Farm Pumpkin Patches 
    • Farmers Markets 
    • Corn Mazes


Should the Mini Pumpkins allude You, there are other alternatives.

Dried Putka Pods make an excellent swap in place of the Mini Pumpkins. Putka looks almost identical to Mini Pumpkin. Often Putka are mixed in with potpourri. Check the internet to buy in packets of ten. Craft stores will also carry them. Caution: the Dried Putka Pods still contain the edible seeds that rotens love to eat. Keep them in sealed containers if You plan to reuse them year after year.

Perhaps use the artificial Mini Pumpkins that are realistic looking. They may be found made from various materials. The great thing is they last much longer, so use them each Thanksgiving. 

Finally, Apples are a good organic substitute, in place of the Mini Pumpkins. Both are approximately the same diameter, and relative similar heights. So either way, the Apples into the Vases should work. 


Thank You for investing Your time with us today! 

So You now have some ideas and inspiration on what to create for Your Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece with Vases and Mini Pumpkins. 

We talked about the Design and Assembly principles of Vase Centerpieces. In addition we showed working examples on the correct Vase assembly. Plus provided the link on where to learn more. 

We provided 3 unique Mini Pumpkin Centerpiece ideas and a few variations on those ideas. We even incorporated this trending “Pumpkin Spice” scent smell into a centerpiece.  

We have defined what Mini Pumpkins are, and identified those various Mini Pumpkin species. 

We talked about how to obtain Mini Pumpkins, and we worked in alternatives. 

We analyzed why Mini Pumpkins are perfect for Thanksgiving Vase Centerpieces. Plus we showed working examples of what other items and Mini Pumpkins work well together. 

Let us know in the comments below if You may have additional questions and or ideas to share with the Event Community. 

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