Mother’s Day Centerpieces

Mother's Day Centerpieces
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Welcome to the Mother’s Day Centerpieces article! 

A Big and Warm Thank You Hug and Kiss to all the Mothers of the World! 

You are our Mom, Mommy, Mother, Mum, Mumsy, Mama, and GrandMother. 

You are our biological Mothers, our surrogate Mothers, our StepMothers, our Foster Mothers, and our Orphan Keeper Mothers.

In all Motherhood relationships,… We Love You Dearly.

Mother’s Day is the celebration when Children of all ages honor their Mommies with Flowers, and Plants, and Handmade items. 

Centerpieces parallel as they contain Flowers and Plants, and contain Handmade items, and in fact are assembled by hand… wait a moment… LOL. 

Centerpieces make perfect Mother’s Day Gifts! 

Centerpieces on Mother’s Day are miraculous, in that they work on multiple levels… just like Mom!

The obvious of course is that Centerpieces function as a Table Decoration. 

The remarkable thing is that they are both a practical way to hold and display the gathered Flowers and Plants and Handmade Items, while also being a Grander Gift as well. The Sum is Greater than the Parts wonder. 

Centerpieces are assembled by hand, and it shows You invested the time and effort to really care! Just as Mom cares about and for You! 

It takes preparation to choose, collect, and congregate the Centerpiece items. Event Butterfly makes it easier. 

These are fun projects that are rewarding for both Offspring and Mother. 

So if this is something You believe You can do… 

Surprise Mum with a Mother’s Day Centerpiece! 

First we get to the good stuff! For You… we have 3 Inspirational Mother’s Day Centerpieces. In saying that,… we hope to ask a few questions come up as: 

  • What Centerpiece ideas and concepts work for Mother’s Day?
  • What Mother’s Day Flowers are best for Mom? 
  • How may a Centerpiece convey the concept that represents a Mother and Children?

Then we go over some important Considerations for Centerpieces on Mother’s Day. 

Please let us know in the comments below if You enjoyed the post, or have questions to ask. Share ideas here and post photos up with the Event Community

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One Vase Bouquet 

The quintessential Mother’s Day Centerpiece is a Vase with Mom’s Favorite Flower Bouquet! 

The Centerpiece is simple and easy to arrange. Yet is classical and elegant. 

This arrangement features a Flower Bouquet as the Vase Topper, and a coordinating Vase Filler, and held within a feminine style Vase. 

Flower Bouquets are a classic gift for Mother’s Day. So it is here where we begin in our inspiration, and consideration. 

The Flower Bouquet is the focal point of this arrangement. So we should first consider the flower types. 

Did You know Carnations are the official Flower of Mother’s Day? 

Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day, dedicated White Carnations to all Mothers at the World’s first Mother’s Day dedication in 1908. 

Jarvis was quite fond of the Carnation, and White Carnations were her favorite. Jarvis was quoted in an interview, saying… 

“The Carnation does not drop its petals, but hugs them to its heart as it dies, and so, too, Mothers hug their Children to their hearts, their Motherly love never dying.” 

Learn more about the historical location of Mother’s Day in West Virginia, Grafton, at the International Mother’s Day Shrine

The Rose is another favorite. Choose a dozen roses, or a half dozen roses, or a single rose… it’s all good. 

Roses come in over 30 different colors! Each tone has its very own unique meaning. Look up “Rose Color Guide” for more information.

For Mother’s Day, our recommendation is to go with lighter pastel tone Roses such as the classic Pink, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Salmon, White, or Cream. Or mix them for an assorted bouquet. 

Red Roses are associated with Lovers. A Husband-Wife that has children,… the Husband may give Red Roses to a Wife if on Mother’s Day. Otherwise avoid Red.  

Also avoid Yellow and avoid Black. 

Other notable flowers are: Daisies, Lisianthus, Lilies, Hydrangeas, and Gladiolus. 

Ask Your Florist for those possible recommendations. 

Next is considering the Vase Filler. 

Use Clear Water Crystals and encase delicate Flower Petals within. 

Ask Your Florist for extra Flower petals, preferably as the same Flowers of the Bouquet. Add the fully hydrated Water Crystals, and intersperse the Flower Petals. 

Finally Fill with Water so the Water Crystals go invisible, leaving the Flower Petals to magically appear to be suspended in a Clear Vase. 

An alternate Vase Filler is to use encased Water Crystals known as Magic Water Beads instead. Use Clear Water Beads with a submersible LED light to add color. 

Or use a colored Magic Water Bead that compliments the Flower Bouquet. 

Finally is the Vase. 

Of course a Vase is one of the first in the arrangement, but last to consider. The Vase accommodates for the Flower Bouquet stems. Ideally the Vase holds the stems and flowers so that the overall height of the Centerpiece still enables cross table talk. 

It is for this reason, with this centerpiece, the Vase and its height is considered last. More on the Vase height in a moment.

The Concave Vase is the essential feminine vase. The vase is known to be curvy, tall, skinny, and thinner in the midsection. Therefore we believe the Concave Vase to be the perfect vase selection to honor Mom for Mother’s Day. We hope to appease any and all Mothers with a positive self image, and at all stages of Motherhood: whether that be a Pregnant Mother, a new Mother, an established Mother or Grandmother, or Pregnant Mother. 

Concave Vases come in a few varieties, but essentially a concave vase is any variety of vase that narrows in the midsection; most notably the Cylinder Concave Vase.

Concave vases vary in their Diameter Ratios, and Heights. 

The Diameter Ratios of Concave Vases, compare the three main diameters found in a cylinder vase: the Vase Base to the Vase Midsection to the Vase Top. 

The minimalist Concave Vase is a cylinder vase, where the vase base and the vase opening are of equal diameters and larger than the narrower midsection diameter. An alternative variety of this, is where the Vase Top is on a diagonal, and not parallel to the Vase Base.

Some Concave Vases have the Vase Top diameter to flare out larger than the Vase Base diameter. Or the opposite, where the Vase Base diameter is larger than the Vase Top diameter. 

Still, some Concave Vases will be a Convex-Concave Vase hybrid. Part of the Vase rounds outward to a sphere shape; typically seen on the Vase Bottom. While the midsection retains the inward concave feature. Finally the Vase opens up larger at the Vase Top. Or again the opposite is true here as well, where the Convex may be seen on the Vase Top. 

In saying all this, all Concave Vases feature the more narrow Midsection when compared to their Base and Top. 

The Heights of Concave Vases, range from about 10 centimeters to about 100 centimeters (1 meter)! A Mother’s Day Buffet Table may use any size. A Dining Table Vase should always encourage cross table talk. The Vase Topper needs to be considered as well. In our case the top most of Mom’s Favorite Flower Bouquet. Use either a shorter vase so conversation may happen above the vase. Or use a much taller vase so the conversation may happen below and around the vase. A Vase Stand may also elevate a short vase to a taller status. 

Concave Vases go by a few names. There is no one term the Vase manufacturers use in titling vases due to the many varieties, shapes, and heights. In searching for the perfect Mother’s Day Vase, use such terms as:

  • Concave Vase 
  • Concaved Vase 
  • Concaved Style Vase 
  • Cylinder Concave Vase 
  • Hourglass Vase 
  • Hurricane Concave Vase 
  • Bud Vase 

Other mentionable Concave Style vases that have their own separate categories are:

  • Trumpet Vase 
  • Eiffel Tower Vase 
  • Tower Vase 

Finally an alternative to all this is to use an Eiffel Tower Vase with Ostrich Feathers. 

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Mom and Children Vase Clan

This project is good for adequately representing the family in Centerpiece form. 

In essence, the Centerpiece is a grouping of Cylinder Vases. Each Cylinder Vase represents a family member.  A Tall Cylinder Vase as Mom. Smaller and Equal Cylinder Vases as the Children.

The Cylinder Vases with circle bodies, make grouping them easier. Learn all about Cylinder Vases here. 

Here are some Family configurations:

  • If the Family/Mom has 1 Child,… have 1 Taller Cylinder Vase to represent unity of Mother and Child.
  • If the Family/Mom has 2 or more Children,… still have 1 Taller Cylinder Vase to represent Mother. Then a Shorter Cylinder Vase for each Child. So for example if a Mother has 5 children, 1 aller vase with 5 smaller vases. 

We are going to build our Centerpiece with 1 Taller Vase and 3 Shorter Vases. (Alternatively the tall vase could be omitted, and the 3 Shorter Vases emphasised as Mom’s Children.) 

Select one type of Vase Filler from the list below. Choose a different color for as many Children as Mom has. Select a color that best represents a particular Child. One Color per one Child.

  • Magic Water Beads 
  • Acrylic Gems 
  • Glass Gems 
  • Glass Marbles 
  • Sea Glass 
  • Crushed Glass 

Each Shorter Vase receives one Color. 

The Taller Vase receives all Colors. So Mom’s Vase has the elements that make up all her Children! 

Fill the Vases with Water, and almost to the top. 

Leave room at the top for the Floating Torch Vase Toppers. Use either Floating Oil Lamps or Floating Candles. 

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Rosette Succulent Bouquet Terrarium 

Perhaps Mom enjoys Plants. Put together a Terrarium for Mom! 

The Terrarium plants will last a much longer time than the traditional cut flowers. 

Let’s use desert succulent plants, as they are virtually maintenance free! 

A bouquet of Rosette Succulents will look beautiful for Mom! Rosette Succulents are the Roses of the Desert. They too only require sunlight and a little water from time to time. (Rose bushes on the contrary, are high maintenance, requiring routine sunlight, watering, fertilizer, and pruning.) 

This Succulent Terrarium should last for a long time! 

Begin with a Wide Diameter Cylinder Vase and Shallower Depth. 30 cm diameter to a 10 cm height will work nicely. 

As a Vase Base Filler, choose any two colored pebble gravel at the bottom. The gravel helps improve root health and avoids root rot. Choose Mom’s Favorite colors. Alternate the gravel in layers. 

Next get a temporary container, and mix together a batch of potting soil and a little bit of non-encapsulated water crystals (hydrogel). 

Add the Potting Soil Mix.

Choose an assortment of Rosette Succulent species for a colorful bouquet. Carefully add them by planting in holes. 

As a top layer, pour the remaining pebble gravel. 

Give the plants a fine misting of water. 

Add figurines that Mom will like. 

Perhaps a mini sign that says “Love You Mom”. 

Alternatively a Bubble Vase may be used; 25 cm to 30 cm in diameter and height.

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Considerations should be made when designing a centerpiece for Mom. 

Recognize All Mothers

Recognize All Mothers on Mother’s Day. 

All Mothers who love their Children, deserve a Centerpiece…Yes!?

  • Biological Mothers 
  • GrandMothers
  • God Mothers 
  • Surrogate Mothers 
  • StepMothers 
  • Foster Mothers 
  • Orphan Keeper Mothers 
  • Staff Organization Mothers

Defining Mother

Wikipedia defines Mother as: 

Mother: A Mother is the female parent of a child. Mother’s are women who inhabit or perform the role of bearing some relation to their children, who may or may not be their biological offspring. 

Dynamic of Mother and Children

If Mother is defined by Child/Children, then the Dynamic of Mother and Children is an important design consideration in centerpiece form. 

Another perspective is the Child/Children, defines the Mother. 

Using the “Mom and Children Vase” example from earlier, here’s a Formula to illustrate this dynamic, and both in Good vs Bad Design. 

How may we design a centerpiece for a Mother of three Children?

Good Design: 

As all Family Members are Represented…

  • A Taller Vase, with three equal (in shape and volume) Shorter Vases,
  • Or just the Taller Vase… or any sized Vase, that is a singular Vase, to represent Mom, and or Mom and all three Children.  
  • Or just the three Shorter Vases… to represent all of Mom’s Children.

Bad Design:

As some Family Members are Omitted…

  • Two Shorter Vases, thus it appears to omit a Child from the equation. 
  • Or just the Taller Vase, with either two or one of the Shorter Vases.

So the Dynamic of Mother and Children take into account the number of Children that Mother has. 

Which leads us into the next consideration…


The stage of Mom in Her Motherhood should be considered. 

Which is correlated to how Many Children Mom Has.

Asking the Questions in Chronological and Logically…

  • Is Mom pregnant and expecting Her first Child on the way?
  • Is Mom pregnant again with a subsequent Child and other born Children?
  • How many biological Children does Mom have?
  • How many Step Children?
  • How many Adopted Children?
  • God Children?
  • Foster Children?
  • GrandChildren?
  • Great GrandChildren?
  • Extended Family?
  • Pets?
  • Others that are routinely placed into Mom’s care:
    Employees, Staff, Volunteers, Patients, Guests, etc. 
  • Anyone and Everyone else who calls or knows this matriarch as Mom.

Vase Shape

Finally the Vase Shape should be considered. 

A feminine vase shape or neutral shape should be used. Curvy vases work well, such as cylinders, concaves, and bubbles. 

Avoid masculine vase shapes such as with hard edges such as square, rectangular, cube, and box. 

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Thank You for spending Your time with us on the Mother’s Day Centerpieces. 

We answered…

What Centerpiece ideas and concepts work for Mother’s Day? We now have some inspiration! Some ideas explored:  One Vase Bouquet  •  Mom and Children Vase Clan  •  Rosette Succulent Bouquet Terrarium 

What Mother’s Day Flowers are best for Mom? We learned that Carnations are the official flower of Mother’s Day. We also discussed Roses and their color meanings. We also explored other Flowers. We even designed using Succulent plants. 

How may a Centerpiece convey the concept that represents a Mother and Children? This was covered in the Mom and Children Vase Clan idea, and further explored in the Considerations. 

Then we went over some important Considerations for Centerpieces on Mother’s Day such as Recognizing All Mothers, Defining Mother, Dynamics of Mother and Child, Motherhood, and Vase Shapes.

Please let us know in the comments below if You enjoyed the post, or have questions to ask. Share ideas here and post photos up with the Event Community

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