Memorial Day Centerpieces • Decorating Ideas for Inspiration

Memorial Day Centerpieces • Decorating Ideas for Inspiration
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Welcome to the Memorial Day Centerpieces! 

Thank You to the Men and Women of the Military Service who passed on in protecting and loving the ideal of freedom for all. We honor them, on the most sacred of our Nation’s holidays,… Memorial Day. 

Perhaps You are hosting a Memorial Day Event. Perhaps You are having a Memorial Day Cookout? What Memorial Day decorations will You be putting up?

Memorial Day Centerpieces are within our larger Memorial Day Decorations. 

So Perhaps You need help on Memorial Day Centerpieces to make? 

So we dive into a few Centerpiece ideas. 

The Inspiration area, we present 3 Memorial Day Centerpieces to help You… hopefully with Your inspiration! 

We also present a few Considerations in designing Memorial Day Centerpieces and Decorations. 

Thank You for joining us. 

Ready? Let’s get started. 


Patriotic Flower Bouquet

Square Vase

Vase: Square Vase or select from the List of Vases prepared for You.
Vase Filler: Flat Marbles in Red White Blue
Vase Topper: Flowers – artificial – patriot colors 
Vase Topper: Handheld American Flag 
Tools: Gloves
Tools: Glass Cleaner Wipes

Clean the Vase inside and outside, free of fingerprints, using the Gloves and the Glass Cleaner Wipes. 

Use a separate container. Evenly mix together the 3 colors of the Flat Marbles. 

Carefully place Flat Marble 3 color mix into bottom of Vase. Place in until desired height is obtained. 

Place the Vase Toppers. Position the Flowers and the Handheld American Flag. 

American Celebrative Cylinder Colors  

Cylinder Set

Vase: Cylinder Vase – Set of 3 different heights
Vase Filler Body: Filtered Water  (learn more about the Aquasana Claryum 3-Stage Max Flow), or Spring Water
Vase Filler: Food Coloring in Red White Blue
Vase Topper: Floating Oil Lamp – Set of 3
Vase Topper: Fuel Oil 
Vase Trim: Raffia Ribbon in Red White Blue 
Tools: Gloves
Tools: Glass Cleaner Wipes
Tools: Funnel
Tools: Glass Pitcher
Tools: Plasma Arc Candle Lighter

This Centerpiece is a Monument to celebrate the spirits of our fallen heroes represented with candle flame floating on our Nation’s colors. 

Gather all the materials.  

Clean the 3 Vases inside and outside, using Gloves and the Glass Cleaner Wipes.

Assemble the Floating Oil Lamps with the Fuel Oil and Wick. Use a Funnel if necessary. 

Prepare the Filtered Water. At the sink, fill a pitcher with the Filtered Water.

Pour out the filtered water, and into each vase approximately 80%. 

Carefully place a Floating Oil Lamp into each Cylinder Vase. As the Oil Lamp with Oil displaces the water, test and adjust the water height as needed with more or less water. Then remove the Floating Oil Lamps and place aside for the moment. 

Prepare to color the water with the food coloring. The 3 Cylinder Vases should have the proper amount of water now. Drip in 2 drops of Red into the shortest vase; 3 drops of White into the medium height vase; and 4 drops of Blue into the tallest vase. 

Prepare the Vase Trim. Measure the Raffia of equal lengths of the Red, the White, and the Blue. Cut. Wrap the vases together, and tie into a bow. Use 2 sets as desired; one at the bottom and one at the top. 

Finally reposition the Floating Oil Lamps. 

Light using the Plasma Arc Candle Lighter to impress Your Guests! 

Military Memorial Mossarium 

Moss Terrarium Jar

Vase: Glass Jar – wide opening – 3.75 Liter / 1 Gallon
Vase Filler Bottom: Pebbles
Vase Filler Bottom: Activated Charcoal
Vase Filler Bottom: Terrarium Mesh
Vase Filler Bottom: Potting Soil
Vase Filler: Water Crystals
Vase Filler Body: Decorative Rocks
Vase Filler Body: Live Terrarium Moss Assortment
Vase Filler Body: Military Toy Soldiers
Vase Filler Body: Filtered Water  (learn more about the Aquasana Claryum 3-Stage Max Flow), or Spring Water
Tools: Gloves
Tools: Paper Towels
Tools: Terrarium Tweezer Set
Tools: Spray Bottle – glass body & brass lid or copper can & copper lid

A Mossarium is a Moss Terrarium. This Mossarium is a Memorial to honor the Military. 

Gather all the parts needed. 

Clean the Vase inside and outside, free of fingerprints. Use the gloves. However, only use filtered water and paper towels. Avoid using chemicals that may negatively affect the long term health of the sensitive and slow growing moss. 

This Mossarium will be an open container ecosystem. 

We have chosen a container that has a lid to give You the option of having a moss ecosystem that is open or closed.

An open ecosystem allows for fresh CO2 to enter the container at the top, and replenish the moss. Water replenishment is an issue however, as water evaporates and leaves through the top opening. For this, we are using Water Crystals in the soil to help hold in the moisture. Waterings may only be required a few times a month, instead of a few times a week. 

If our container were a closed ecosystem, water is held inside, evaporates, condensates on the container, and returns to the soil. Fresh CO2 however would need to be produced by inducing miniature animal life, of the herbivores such as worms, isopods, snails, slugs, and the carnivores such as centipedes. Otherwise without the animals, the lid would have to be removed daily for a few hours. 

Ok, let’s get started. 

Begin by Hydrating the Water Crystals in a separate container.  

Protect the glass jar bottom. Carefully place in the Pebbles. This layer helps with water drainage and oxygen, while at the same time avoiding root rot and mold. 

Add the Activated Charcoal to help perpetuate fresh odors. 

Place in the Terrarium Mesh. This keeps the upper potting soil to remain without falling down into the Pebbles. 

Next in a separate container, mix together the Hydrated Water Crystals into the Soil. Hydrated Water Crystals are 99% water. As we said earlier, the Water Crystals help to keep the soil moist. Better for the plants and better for You. 

Add the Soil Water Crystal mix to the container. Shape the Soil to the terrain You desire. Create a mountain side, rolling hills, or flat plane.  

Place the decorative rocks. 

Plant various Moss. 

Add the Military Toy Soldiers. 


Creating Memorial Day Centerpieces, brings up a few considerations to think about. These are just ideas to consider. 

American Flags

American Flags are the quintessential of all Memorial Day decorations. Consider using them in Your Memorial Day Centerpieces. 

Patriotic Colors

Use Decorations that are in the American Reds Whites and Blues. 

Memorial Roses

National Cemeteries place Roses upon the graves of our Military every Memorial Day. Consider Roses in Your Centerpieces and Decorations. 

Along that note, consider planting a Memorial Rose Bush in Your Garden. 

Memorial Lights

Candles and Lamps and LED Lights, are lit in remembrance of loved ones. They provide comfort and memory. Consider honoring those who passed on using Memorial Lights in Your Centerpieces and Decorations. 

Neutral Gender Vase Shapes

Both Men and Women fought and died for freedom. Consider basic shapes such as cylinders and squares that are neutral gender. 


Our Memorial Day Centerpieces honor those Men and Women of the Military Service who honored us in giving us our freedom. 

Now You have a few Centerpiece inspiration ideas and Considerations for decorating Memorial Day. 


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