Halloween Trick or Treat Candy

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Halloween Trick or Treating candy and sweets, brings back fond memories of childhood. For us Halloween was and still is a family affair tradition. 

Our family embodied everything good about the traditions of both the Tricks and the Treats. Our home provided the best candy chocolates and sweets we could afford. 

To attract Trick or Treaters to the Candy from all the surrounding neighborhoods, we constructed a Halloween Yard setup. Every year the Halloween setups got larger and larger. 

Mom was the neighborhood Mom to all the kids. However Mom loved to dress up in scary costumes, and the older bratty and or bully children were in good need of a Trick. While the younger and or innocent children needed reassurance they were safe to approach. Mom did all this. LOL.

Dad was our big strong escort for my brother and I, as we explored the neighborhood houses, collecting as much candy as we could! 

After just a few years our Aunt and Cousins came to live in town, and from then on, joined in on and improved all the Trick or Treating fun! 

Now as adults ourselves, we carry on the Trick or Treat traditions alive for the next generation! It is now our time to provide the best candy chocolates and sweets we can afford. 

This is a Candy guide to all those who love the spirit of Halloween Trick or Treating!

The Hershey Company

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Hershey’s & Walmart

Milton Hershey’s Milk Chocolate is loved by many and is worldwide famous! 

Our Hershey Brands include:  Hershey’s Chocolate • Hershey’s Miniatures • Kisses • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups • Mr. Goodbar • Krackel • Special Dark • What-cha-ma-call-it Bar • Health • Twizzlers • Kit Kat • Almond Joy • Pay Day • Take 5 • Milk Duds • Whoppers • Jolly Rancher • Sour Patch. 

Hershey and Major Retailers have partnered together to offer Hershey’s halloween candy in bulk:
WalmartSam’s ClubBJ’s Wholesale ClubCostco WholesaleBoxedWalgreens.

You may also visit the Hershey’s Chocolate World stores located in major metropolitan / tourist spots. Nevada – Las Vegas • New York – New York City – Time Square • New York – Niagara Falls • Singapore. 

Finally the ultimate is visiting Hershey Headquarters, located in historic Hershey, Pennsylvania in the United States. Bestowed as “The Sweetest Place On Earth!” A vacation here is an experience for You, Your Honey, and the whole Family! Open to the public is Hershey’s Chocolate World, containing the Largest supply of Hershey products available for purchase! Also remember there is the Hershey Museum, Hershey Trolley Works, Hershey Gardens, Hershey Golf Club, and of course Hershey Park!

Mars Incorporated

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Mars & Walmart

Mars Incorporated is proud to be Family owned for over 100 years! We believe in long term investments in our business, our people, and our planet. 

We are the world’s largest Chocolate Company. 

Our Mars Brands include: Mars Bars • Snickers • Milky Way • 3 Musketeers • M&M’s • Twix • Dove • Galaxy • Skittles • Starburst • Lifesavers • Hubba Bubba Gum • Juicy Fruit Gum.

Mars and Major Retailers have partnered together to offer Mars halloween candy in bulk:
WalmartSam’s ClubBJ’s Wholesale ClubCostco WholesaleBoxedWalgreens.

The Ferrero Group • Ferrara • Nestlé USA Brands

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Ferrero•Ferrara & Walmart

We are The Ferrero Group, an Italian gourmet chocolate maker. Since our humble beginnings in the 1940’s,… You may know us from the “Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Chocolates Gift Boxes” candies for special occasions. 

In recent years, The Ferrero Group has grown into a chocolate world leader; the world’s second largest chocolate company to be precise.  

In 2017 November, we acquired the Ferrara Candy Company of America, to operate and oversee from the United States. 

Around that same time, Nestlé USA had been looking to sell off its confectionery business, in order to pursue other food growth opportunity investments. 

So just a few months later in 2018 January, The Ferrero Group acquired the confectionery business brands, formerly manufactured by Nestlé USA. Those brands include: Baby Ruth • Crunch • Butterfinger • 100 Grand • Raisinets • Sweet Tarts • Laffy Taffy. 

The Ferrero Group essentially merged the Ferrara Candy Company to manufacture the former Nestlé USA brands. The business deal was a Win-Win-Win with all three parties feeling very happy. Nestlé CEO commented “With Ferrero we have found an exceptional home for our U.S. confectionery business where it will thrive.” 

Ferrero / Ferrara and Major Retailers have partnered together to offer the name brand halloween candy in bulk:
WalmartSam’s ClubBJ’s Wholesale ClubCostco WholesaleBoxedWalgreens.


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M&M’s Store

If you specifically love the M&M’s candies from Mars Incorporated,… 

Go directly to the source… the M&M’s Store website! The site has everything you need,…  M&M’s this Halloween! 

M&M’s candies come in a plethora of varieties and colors! In the writing of this article, 24 custom candy colors to be exact! M&M’s are available in Traditional, Seasonal, and Custom! 

The most appropriate are the variety of Halloween M&M’s. Find them within the “Shop By Occasion” section > Halloween.  

Or go with the oldie but goodie M&M’s plain or peanut. They have all Your favorite traditional M&M’s candies. 

Finally, personalize your M&M’s candies for a very special Treat! Or give M&M’s candies as Halloween Bash party favors! 

Pick up an M&M’s costume while You are here! 

For an M&M’s in person experience, visit the M&M’s World Stores in major metropolitan / tourist spots! A store visit is quite the event experience! Las Vegas • New York City • London • Berlin • Shanghai • Disney Springs of Orlando • Mall Of America of Minnesota. 

Here is a fun trivia fact. The Question is: What do the “m” letters on the M&M’s label stand for? Answer: Mars & Murrie. Each individual candy has an “m”. Each batch of M&M’s candies contains half of them representing Mars, and the other half representing Murrie.

The Old Time Candy Company

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Old Time Candy > Halloween

We are the “Candy you ate as a kid”. 

Our Halloween Candy selection is sure to “wow trick or treaters and party guests”! 

Filter by: Decade • Flavor • Type • Occasion. 

The Decade Filter is definitely a fun blast-from-the-past experience! It ranges each decade from as late as the 1990’s down to Pre 1920’s!

Oriental Trading

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Oriental Trading > Halloween Candy

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Oriental Trading > Halloween Candy

Oriental Trading is a “one-stop-fun-shop” Party MegaStore!

Are You are looking for great Halloween Candies that will set You way above the mundane Trick-or-Treat candies?  

Our online store features all types of Halloween Candy: Bulk Candy Assortments • Chocolate • Soft Chewy Candy • Hard Candy • Lollipops • Popcorn • Snacks • Novelty Candy.  

We carry over 300 Halloween extraordinary candy selections that are sure to be remembered! 

Such favorites to name just a few are: The Interlocking Skeleton Bone Hard Candy with Coffin Container • Gross Out Candy Assortment • Halloween Chocolate Candy Mix • Ghost Poofs Marshmallow • Gumball Eyes • Halloween Piñata Toy & Candy Assortment • Jack-O’-Lantern Halloween Candy Assortment • Halloween Creepy Candy Casket • Coffin Candy Trat Kit • Super Sports Ball Chocolate Candy • Halloween Popcorn Balls • Neon Ghost Ring Lollipops • Day of the Dead Lollipops • Oozing Eyeballs • Halloween Body Parts Gummy Candy • Sour Carnival Cotton Candy • Gold Nugget Bubble Gum inside Miners Bag. 

Of course, we also carry all the Big Name Brandy Chocolate Candies such as Hershey’s and Mars.

Dylan’s Candy Bar

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At Dylan’s Candy Bar, we have organized Your Pre-Packaged Bulk Trick or Treating Candy into Collections:
Chocolate • Sour • Gummy • Licorice • Nostalgia • Sugar Free • Gum • Mindful Indulgences • Wrapped • … or the Shop All Collections Collection. 

Entering each of the Collections has Filters to help You shop, from Sort By • Type • Color • Price. 

Also check out our Shop Main Menu for specific Holiday themed candy!

In our Halloween Holiday themed Candy, there are the Candy Tackle Boxes, Trick-or-Treat Buckets, and Candy Cauldrons! Display them as Table Décor or give them as gifts.


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We are Great Britain’s largest chocolatier. 

We have expanded our product line to include Halloween Chocolates and Candies! 

Also our famous Traditional Easter Cadbury Creme Egg has a Halloween twist… the Cadbury Screme Egg! 

Buy from us directly from the United Kingdom and have it shipped to You! 
Or obtain through our retail partners: Walmart  • Walgreens

Jelly Belly

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Our website says Halloween at our best…

Make your Halloween just as sweet as it is spooky with tasty treats from this collection at the Jelly Belly Candy Company.

We’ve got everything you need for trick-or-treating, Halloween parties and other festivities for this delightfully devilish holiday. From classic jelly beans and candy corn to gummy snacks and chocolate desserts, Jelly Belly’s Halloween candy includes options for all ages.

Find an amazing assortment of gourmet candy with a ghostly twist when you shop at Jelly Belly.

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