Father’s Day Centerpieces • Decorating Ideas for Inspiration

Father's Day Centerpieces • Decorating Ideas for Inspiration
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Welcome to the Father’s Day Centerpieces article! 

A Big Bear Hug Thank You to all the Fathers of the World! 

You are our Dad, Daddy, Father, Padre, Pa, Papa, and Pop. 

You are our biological Fathers, our StepFathers, our Foster Fathers, and our Orphan Keeper Fathers. 

In all Fatherhood relationships,… We Love You Dearly. 

Father’s Day is the celebration when Children of all ages honor their Daddies with Neck Ties, Plants, and Handmade Items. 

Centerpieces parallel as they contain Plants, and contain Handmade items, and in fact are assembled by hand… wait a moment… LOL. 

Centerpieces make perfect Father’s Day Gifts!

Centerpieces on Father’s Day are miraculous, in that they work on multiple levels… just like Dad!

The obvious of course is that Centerpieces function as a Table Decoration. 

The remarkable thing is that they are both a practical way to hold and display the gathered Plants and Handmade Items, while also being a Grander Gift as well. The Sum is Greater than the Parts wonder. 

Centerpieces are assembled by hand, and it shows You invested the time and effort to really care! Just as Dad cares about and for You! 

It takes preparation to choose, collect, and congregate the Centerpiece items. Event Butterfly makes it easier. 

These are fun projects that are rewarding for both Offspring and Father. 

So if this is something You believe You can do… 

Surprise Papa with a Father’s Day Centerpiece! 

First we get to the good stuff! For You… we have 2 Inspirational Father’s Day Centerpieces. In saying that,… we hope to ask a few questions come up as: 

What Centerpiece ideas and concepts work for Father’s Day?

How may a Centerpiece convey the concept that represents a Father and a Man?

Then we go over some important Considerations for Centerpieces on Father’s Day. 

Please let us know in the comments below if You enjoyed the post, or have questions to ask. Share ideas here and post photos up with the Event Community

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Assorted Craft Beer Glasses Centerpiece

This centerpiece is sure to be a cup of goodness that Dad will appreciate! The piece replicates Craft Beers, Ales, and Lagers. It will keep throughout the Father’s Day event and beyond. Our Water will be tinted by the Food Coloring, and be absorbed by the clear Water Beads. 

Remember to allow at least 6 hours preparation time for the Water Beads to expand. 12 hours is better. 24 hours is perfect to maximize 100% of the absorption.


Assorted Craft Beer Glasses – Your preference:
Luminarc Set of 6Libbey Set of 6Spiegelau Set of 4

Water Beads:
Clear Large and White Large;
or Clear Small and White Small

Food Coloring. We prefer this coloring set, as it has 7 colors that we may need, and is highly recommended.

Coasters of Your preference


Mixology Bar Cocktail Shaker Spoon

Clean the Beer Glasses thoroughly inside and out. Remove any smudges or fingerprints,… especially inside. It is recommended to always wash new glasses through the dishwasher. 

Let’s make the Beer!
Into each of the Beer Glasses, pour in Clean Filtered Water up to the level You want the beer to be. 

Consider if some beer tops are clear or have a white frothy foam head. Pour in the water as appropriate. 

Squeeze in just a few drops of the Food Coloring, and mix in to the desired color. Remember with Food Coloring, that a little goes a long way. 

Experiment with the Yellows, Oranges, Brown, Red, and Black. Try single colors and mixed combinations of colors for a desired beer color. 

Blend in the color well using the Mixology Spoon. 

Pour in the appropriate amount of dehydrated clear Water Beads. Again a little goes a long way. As the Water Beads hydrate with the Filtered Water, so too do they sponge in the Food Coloring tint. 

It should be noted that clear Water Beads may be dehydrated again over time should you choose to. It seems to reason that they would also lose this water pigment, and return to its original state of clear. If You have experimented with this, please let us know. Learn much more about Magic Water Beads.

In a separate container, prepare the beer white frothy foam head, should You so desire. 

Same as before, pour in Clean Filtered Water. 

Either add the manufactured white Water Beads, or simply make them using the clear Water Beads and the White Food Coloring in the packet. 

Once all the Water Beads have fully expanded, we are ready for the next step. Add and or remove any water beads to assemble the beer head. 

Assemble upon the Coasters.  

Finally do another quick cleaning of all the Beer Glasses for presentation.


Manicured Grass Lawn Terrarium Centerpiece 

Dads Are Great as they are the Family Lawn Care Specialists! 

Dads hold the secrets to the art of landscape maintenance! They routinely mow the grass, water regularly, spread fertilizers and grass food nutrients onto the soils, rake up loose foliage, and till the soil. 

Dads also gladly teach the next generation about the proper techniques. Thus the knowledge is passed on. 

It is for these reasons we honor Dad with a Terrarium of Grass in a Rustic Wooden Planter and accented with Figurines of a Lawn Mower and Gardening Tools. 

Planter: Rustic Wooden Rectangular Planter Short or Long

Planter Filler Bottom: 

Planter Filler: 

Vase Filler Top: 


If the Wooden Planter came with a plastic insert, then begin with this.

Let’s add the bottom layers to the plastic insert. 

Fill with Clay Pebbles, to help with water drainage. 

Next sprinkle on some Activated Charcoal which helps with the smell stay fresh.

Finally add the Terrarium Mesh. Cut as needed. This keeps these bottom layers free of falling potting soil. 

Moving on to the top layers. 

In a separate container, mix the appropriate amount of Potting Soil and the Water Crystals. The Crystals help to keep the soil moist for weeks! 

Pour in the Mix of Potting Soil and Water Crystal into the plastic insert. 

Sprinkle the Grass Seed. 

Wet the Grass Seed using the Spray Bottle with Filtered Water. 

Return the plastic insert back into the Wooden Planter. 

Arrange the Figurines as You desire. We recommend placing the Lawn Mower Figurine on one side of the Wooden Planter and the Wheelbarrow with Lawn Tools on the opposite side. Perhaps place the shovel upright with the spade in the Potting Soil.

Bring the Miniature Wheelbarrow Figurine to life, by placing extra Potting Soil inside the barrow.

In 7 to 21 days, the grass will germinate and grow. 

Water regularly as needed. However the Water Crystals will help You, as the need for waterings occur much less often. 

Continue monitoring the grass growth. You may want to allow the grass to grow taller. 

However we suggest a freshly cut lawn, to present to Dad. The use of a Terrarium Tool Set is helpful. Especially the fine scissors. The Aquatic Plant Set is good. Bonsai Scissors work just as well. 

Either way, the fine scissors is what we are after. The scissors will help to carefully manicure the Grass Art. The tool has a specifically designed pivot point strategically placed further down the shaft. The longer handle with shorter blades, makes for super fine precision cutting. Having this precise tool makes trimming around the figurines easier. Excellent for manicuring terrariums. 

Finally clean away the grass debris. Perhaps bundle and place in the wheelbarrow for an added look. 

Some last thoughts… 

Visit Your local Farmer’s Co-Op if available. Often You may purchase grass seed by the weight, instead of having to purchase a larger bag. Be sure to ask for the grass seeds that yield the shorter height blades of grass. 

As the Grass grows, it will surely grow up around the figurines. If You are doing a manicured lawn look, perhaps remove the miniature lawn mower figurine, until the grass has a chance to grow. Then manicure the lawn. Then reposition the lawn mower. 
Finally there is always Artificial Grass. Should the real grass prove too much, or You simply need an easier variation, use the Artificial Grasses manufactured for backyard decks and animal terrariums.


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