Cylinder Vase Centerpieces • An Introduction Guide to the Most Versatile Vase

Cylinder Vase Centerpieces • An Introduction Guide to the Most Versatile Vase
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Cylinder Vase Centerpieces are the most versatile centerpiece! These Vases have the power to be applied and decorated for any EVENT! 

Specifically we are speaking about the clear solid glass cylinder vases. 

The Vases are simple and perfect. In design they are nothing more than a hollow cylinder of glass. A circle that has been extruded along the height. A closed bottom that is flat and thick to weigh it down. An open top that is also flat. Plain. 

Yet how can these cylinder vases be the most versatile centerpiece? 

The top questions asked are:

  • “What centerpiece will work for the Dining Table?”
  • “What centerpiece will work with my Event?” 

The Cylinder Vase Centerpiece is the solution to all centerpiece questions! For starters, these vases may be used: 

  1. for all event tables such as the Dining Tables, the Buffet Tables, and any Specific Task Tables as needed. 
  2. for all events and for all seasons throughout the year. 
  3. year after year for the same event.
  4. Inside and Outside. 
  5. … and most importantly, the vases may be filled and decorated with just about anything for any event.

The Vase Centerpiece works for all levels of Centerpiece Design. The vases are so easy to design around, for designers, ranging from advanced, intermediate, and to especially beginner! Even if You are new at Centerpiece Design, You will soon have a Vase Centerpiece that will work with Your Event… and All Your Events… if You wish!

These empty vessels have the power to transform a space into an EVENT. 

This Vase post is a general overview that may be applied to all Events. Perhaps You are here for one specific event that is approaching. Use Your imagination and overlay Your ideas to this general overview. 

Use the Vase Centerpiece guide as many times as needed. Make sure to thoroughly read through once, should You need to repeat these steps or perhaps blaze Your own trail.  

  1. Learn about the concepts. 
  2. Design Your centerpiece. 
  3. Select Your specific centerpiece items. 
  4. Assemble Your centerpiece vision. 

This post is laid out as such to answer the additional questions of “What materials do I need for my centerpiece?” and “How do I assemble the centerpiece?”

  • Your Centerpiece. A few quick questions. 
  • Vase Centerpiece Characteristics will be introduced. 
  • Design & Assembly. The bulk of our discussion will go into the design elements and materials that surround the centerpiece. This will be presented in chronological order as we mentally assemble the centerpiece. 
  • Conclusion.

Ready!?! Let’s use the power of our imaginations and create a centerpiece!


Let us talk about Your Centerpiece. 

  • How many Centerpieces does Your Event need? 
  • Will there be 1 table needing a Centerpiece, or is there multiple tables each needing a Centerpiece? 
  • How many types of tables will there be, such as Dining Tables, Buffet Tables, and Specific Task Tables. 



Glass Cylinder Vases are the focus of this post. Precisely clear glass as it is a blank vessel upon which will take on anything we add to it. 

Such a clear glass centerpiece reveals items within the vase. Or perhaps LED lights will be illuminating out through the vase.  

Translucent colored glass may also work with specific events. 

Various Vase materials may include opaque glass, pottery such as porcelain or ceramic or terracotta, cement, non rusting metals such as stainless steel or brass or bronze or aluminum, hard woods that resist rot such as teak, and plastics. There even is a wifi cylinder speaker to bring the music to each table. 

This is Your Centerpiece. Experiment with and choose vase material that will be most appropriate for Your unique EVENT. 


How many vases will be placed upon each table? Will there be a Buffet Table and a Dining Table? 

3 vases allows the most versatility. The 4th of July events is a good example of a 3 vase use. Each vase represents red, white, and blue. 

2 Vases are ideal for themed events with dual ideas and or dual colors. For example, a Fire and Ice theme party where one vase has a flame and the other ice (or crystals made to look as ice); and perhaps a baby shower gender reveal party where one vase holds blue and the other holds pink, such as lights or colored waters or flowers. 

1 Vase is good for the budget. The ideas stated above with 3 or 2 vases are great. However You can also use 1 vase to place 2 or 3 ideas within and or around it. For example, using an LED light to crossfade colors. Or evenly blend 2 or 3 colors together such as colored candy. Or perhaps layering the same candy instead as a bottom middle and top stripes of colors. 


The Vase Height is important when in relation to resting on a Buffet Table or on a Dining Table. 

A Vase Centerpiece on a Buffet Table needs to be the most grand item on the table. Select tall vases and surround it with all the delicious edible event items.

The table center is a focal point where guests interact across-table from one another. A Vase Centerpiece may be a conversation starter, as guests admire the piece, and then naturally take the conversations to new heights. No apology for the pun. Start a conversation over it why don’t You. LOL. 

Conversely a Vase Centerpiece may not be a conversation obstructor. 

Meaning select vases of heights that enable guests across-table, to see and hear each other clearly. On Dining Tables, choose either short vases so guests may talk over, or very tall grand vases so guests may talk around. 

Let’s also remember the toasts and cross-table clinking of the drinkware… Cheers!


Will the Vase Centerpiece be on a Buffet Table or on a Dining Table? 

A Vase Centerpiece on a Buffet Table has the potential to use a wider area… of course depending on the amount of food enveloping it. 

Opposite of this is a Dining Table. 

Centerpieces may not interfere with Guests. Any size diameter vases, small, medium, and or large, will work well with large round Dining Tables. Mix and match for an interesting look. 

A size diameter vases, small and or medium, will work with tight and or narrow tables, such as rectangular narrow table sizes. 



A foundation that is solid and strong is needed. Although this is obvious, it must be overstated. 

Cylinder vase centerpieces are containers of glass and or crystal glass. The vases often display such objects as the elements of water, fire, earth, and air. They may hold elegant pieces of art, feathers, lights, delicate plants, and even animals. 

It is for these reasons that our centerpiece must have a solid foundation on which to be placed upon.

Let us begin with a solid flat base. Is Your event Outside or Inside? Will You be using the ground, perhaps a patio, or a floor? 

A sturdy table or similar furniture structure sits upon the foundation. 

The table top and or flat horizontal surface must also be flat. 

Place and position all Table Coverings on first, such as: tablecloths, table runners, and table skirts. 


A Turntable is a tool that allows You to work with a Centerpiece the easiest. The Vase may be rotated around while adding decoration around, on, and in.

Turntables come in acrylic and wood. Use what You prefer. 

A designer turntable may be used as a Support Base, of which we will be covering soon.


Gloves keep the clean centerpiece surfaces free of fingerprints, as well as keep Your hands safe from cuts. Wear Gloves! 

Although Gloves are more of an accessory to help You, and not actually part of the Centerpiece itself, this is the appropriate time to mention them. 

Cotton Gloves and or Latex Gloves will do the trick of keeping the glass centerpieces clean from fingerprints. 

The gloves are also thin enough to allow You to feel the dexterity in the fingers, and yet thick enough to provide protection from all minor scratches. 

Glass Gloves are less ideal and should be avoided. Although the name makes it sound correct for our application, it is not. These thick gloves are actually designed for professionals that handle glass on a commercial scale, such as window glass installers and picture framers with glass cutting. 

Support Base

A Centerpiece Base provides additional support for the Centerpiece. The Base ensures against any micro movement that a table or flat surface may encounter. 

Often mirror support bases are the base of choice. Mirrors are dual functioning, as they are sturdy, and instantly double the perceived vertical look of the centerpiece. 

The mirror base shapes are often found as circles or squares. 

If using mirror support bases, remember to wear the gloves. Clean off any remaining fingerprints with a cleaning solution. 

Other support base materials could be metal or wood or plastic. In a pinch, a dinner plate could work.   

Choose a diameter / size that is larger than the Centerpiece. 

LED Uplight Base  

These gadgets are essentially a short pedestal base that slightly elevates the vase… with one addition. The center of the base contains LED lights that point up, to illuminate the vase from underneath. 

Generally speaking there are different makes and models of LED Uplight Bases. 

The LEDs in the Base are easily accessible via controlled by either a button located on the base, and or by a remote control. (At the time of this writing, no LEDs of these types have yet to be wifi controlled by mobile devices. When they do, let us know the make and model, in the comments below please.) 

Usually with LED there are Red and Green and Blue diodes. Mixing and varying the lights will produce White to a multitude of Colors in the spectrum. Cycle through the modes of a solid color, or a dual color, or a quick color change thru the spectrum, or a slow color blending thru the spectrum. 

A larger diameter base with narrow diameter vase will also illuminate the vase outer exterior bottom wall. 

A narrow diameter base with larger diameter vase will produce an effect where the light is concentrated up the middle of the vase. In fact having an LED Uplight Base also usually replaces the need to have an LED inside the vase at the bottom (known as LED Pod Lights… soon to be examined below). 

(Remember to have plenty of extra batteries. We prefer rechargeable batteries with the  chargers. We will be covering this topic later in the post.) 

Clear Glass Cylinder Vase

The Clear Glass Cylinder Vase is at the heart of this post. It is our container that will be displaying what it is we want to present. 

Again remember to wear Your gloves! Give the Vase a good cleaning with a glass cleaner, and away from the tables, eating surfaces, foods, and drinks.

Carefully position the vase into its final resting place, whichever substrate or base may be.  

At this point, in moving forward, the only items on the table should be the Table Coverings such as tablecloths, and now the Centerpiece as we assemble. The centerpiece should be free of any surrounding items, such as food, so that the assembly is easiest. 

Vase Trim

Vase Trim adornments are one more layer element that may be added to the vase for additional beautification. 

Trims may be any flat materials that wrap around the Vase bottom rim and or top rim. Essentially Trim may give a vase an extra bling bling look. LOL. 

  • Mesh Wrap such as Rhinestone Mesh / Diamond Mesh
  • Decorative Mesh 
  • Gift Wrap Ribbons with Bows 
  • Holiday Fabric Materials
  • Raffia Ribbon in natural color or dyed colors
  • Decorative Yarns

Should the Vase Trim be tricky to apply, handle the Vase up close. Sit in a comfortable chair. Trims may need the help of clear double stick tape or clear hot glue. 

Use Trim if an Event calls for it. Use Your creative imagination. Have fun and take Your time. 


The surround are any elements that circle the Vase and rest on the Support Base or on the Table directly. 

The Surround is arranged once the Vase Base, LED Uplight Base, and Vase (with or without Vase Trim) are in position. 

These are yet additional decorations such as, but in no means limited to: 

  • Seashells 
  • Flower Petals (real/organic or silk) 
  • Leaves (real/organic or silk) 
  • Chucky Glitter 
  • Pebbles 

Some examples are: 

For Thanksgiving, perhaps fall foliage and gourds could surround the vase. 

For New Years, perhaps large glitter known as Extra Chunky Glitter. 

For a Hawaiian theme party, perhaps lei necklaces and seashells. 

Also if hosting a large event with multiple tables, the surround may also consist of Your Dining Table Number System for Guests. Such as printed cards with Table numbers and held in place with upright card holders. Or cast metal numbers resting on the surround. 

LED Submersible Light

Just as the name implies, these submersible LED Lights are intended for inside the Vase. They also are named LED Puck Lights or LED Pod Lights. 

Yes also as the name suggests, the LED lights are waterproof with built in rubber O-Ring to seal the unit. 

However the LED lights still work if not submersible, for when the vase centerpiece is not filled with Water, but filled with Fire or Earth or Air as examples. (More on designing with the 4 classic elements later on.)

The power for the unit is from its internal battery, so it is completely self contained. No need for unsightly electric wires. 

When placed into water, some units sink, while other units float. The units that sink illuminate objects above; and of course conversely the units that float illuminate objects below. 

Some units also have a suction cup to anchor to the vase glass surface. There are even ones with magnets to anchor onto metal vases. We found one that has both!

It should be noted that these lights have multiple water applications such as our water filled Vase Centerpiece Displays (we are about to discuss), Punch Bowls, Ice Buckets, Water Fountains, Ponds, Fish Tanks, Hot Tubs, and Pools. Does this Fruit Punch taste like Fish? LOL

The lights come in different sizes. As they increase in size, so too do their color abilities. 

The smallest sized units excel at 1 color from 1 LED diode. Some units also flicker to mimic flame. Still others even blink. The power button or rotator button is directly on the unit. 

The middle sized units are pretty much identical to the smaller, only they have 2 to 4 colors with 1 or more LED diode clusters (which are clusters of diodes grouped together). These can also flicker, and or blink. Again the power is still directly on the unit.

The large sized units are definitely the coolest! They have up to 16 colors with 12 or more LED diode clusters. The color options range from 1 color, or dual color, or cycle through all the colors with quick color change, or a crossfade mix with a slow color change. The lights can also flicker and or blink. The power is either directly on the unit, or is also accessible via remote control. 

The remote control is definitely an advantage with the Larger LED units. Say the  LED Submersible Lights will be surrounded by pebbles and silk flowers and filled to the brim with water. Having the remote control allows You to still access the LED Unit and do so without disturbing the centerpiece. 

The other cool thing about the remotes is they communicate with many LED Units simultaneously, as long as they are within range. If a larger event with multiple centerpieces, change them synchronously. As the event progresses into the evening, change the colors, or change the light modes, or simply power them down.

Opposed to the smaller units having no remote control. The smaller units are great because many of them can be grouped together. However it is a scenario of set-it and forget-it, until the Event has concluded. 

Finally, let’s talk about the LED Submersible Lights in conjunction with the LED Uplight Bases. Using a LED Submersible Light as a bottom unit shining up… may be a substitute to the LED Uplight Base. Using them in conjunction with each other may or may not work. 

Last are the remote controls used for both LED Types: the Submersible and the Uplight Bases. Again in the writing of this post, both have yet to be accessed via bluetooth through mobile devices. 

So let us know about both! If You had success with the LED Uplight Base in conjunction with an LED Submersible pointing up. Plus if You should find an LED accessed via bluetooth. 

Please let us know in the comments below!

Vase Bottom Filler Decoration

Vase Bottom Decoration are the various objects inside the vase at the bottom. This is the foundation inside the vase

The various objects could be clear or translucent, to allow the illumination to shine up through from either the LED Uplight Base and or the LED Submersible.  Such as Frosted Sea Glass, Glass Gemstone, Glass Marble, Glass Fire Pit chunks, Translucent Crystal Pebbles, Acrylic Diamond Crystals, Acrylic Rock, Acrylic Gem, Acrylic Ice, Acrylic Chunks, Water Beads, and Various Shaped Jewels such as Heart Shape. 

Or go with opaque objects if no bottom light is being used. Such objects as River Stone, Painted River Stone, Gravel, Painted Gravel, Pebble, Sand, Coral Sand, Seashell, Seashell Sand, Soil, Glitter, Seeds, Nuts, Grains, Candy.

Vase Body Filler Decoration

The Vase Body Filler Decoration consists of the main elements, which are the focus of the Event! This is the heart of it all! 

Some objects as the Vase Bottom Filler Decoration, will also work here in the Body Filler. Furthermore if adding Water, then some objects will want to float. Pack them in to fill the Vase Body. Perhaps organic items such as berries or fruits. Use natural floating Cranberries during Thanksgiving. 

Layer Colors for a unique look. 

There are too many specific ideas to mention. This post is a general overview. To get You started, first establish the surrounding medium using the 4 classic elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air/Wind. 

  • Perhaps suspend Flower petals within a solution of Water for a Vase aquarium look. 
  • Bring forth Fire with Tall Candles. 
  • Transform that Vase into a Terrarium with Earth and Plants. 
  • Suggest the element of Air/Wind with LED Fairy Lights. 

Vase Top Filler Decoration

Vase Top Filler Decoration is the Topper Element. The Cherry on top of the ice cream sundae. 

This is where the elements and items visually mushroom out of the Vase. 

Vase Top Fillers also heighten Vase centerpieces. For this reason always feel free to use them on all Vase Centerpieces on Buffet Tables. 

Use them sparingly on Vase Centerpieces on Dining Tables. Only use them with the super tall vases, where the Vase Top Filler will not impede the guest interaction across-table. 

Such ideas of large Vase Top Fillers are a Flower Ball Bouquet or Ostrich Feathers. 

On Dining tables with smaller vases at eye level, perhaps a water filled vase with a single floating votive candle on top. 


Remember to stock up on all the rechargeable batteries and chargers needed for the Vase Centerpieces. Have them all charged and ready to go.  


Cylinder Vase Centerpieces are the most versatile centerpiece! 

So now You know why! 

We have presented a plethora of elements, materials, and ideas! They may be mixed and matched. 

Every Vase centerpiece is its unique piece of artwork. 

We have simplified the process so that all Vase Centerpiece designers at any level of expertise may create. 

We have now covered all the general overview of Cylinder Vase Centerpieces. 

We went on a journey together and answered the question of “What centerpiece will work for the Dining Table?” 

We also covered the differences of Vases depending on what table they are sitting at: the Dining Table, Buffet Table, or Special Task Table. 

We went through the steps in chronological order. So You know the concepts, and may be already envisioning or even designing Your own centerpiece. You have a very good idea of what specific centerpiece items are available. Plus You may use this guide again when assembling Your centerpiece vision. 

The question was presented of How many Centerpieces does Your Event need? 

Vase Characteristics were covered such as Material, Quantity, Height, and Diameter.

Vase Design & Assembly was the core of our discussion with the Foundation, Gloves, Support Base, LED Uplight Base, The Clear Glass Cylinder Vase itself, Vase Trim, Surround, LED Submersible Light, Vase Bottom Filler, Vase Body Filler, Vase Top Filler, and Batteries. 

We strive to provide the best possible solutions, and hope we have served You well. Should we need to modify or change, please let us know in the comments below. 

Additionally please share Your Thoughts or Questions with us in the comments below. 

What comments, questions, or suggestions do You have for us? 

Is there a topic we need to further discuss?

Moreover, You may also join our Facebook Groups. We have a general Facebook Group and or specific Facebook Groups for many specific Events. 

This is Your Event! We are excited to see what You come up with. What Centerpieces are You envisioning? Post up Your Vase Creation Photos and Videos. 

Thank You for choosing 

Today Is Your Best Social EVENT!

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