Buffet Table Decorations • A General Overview

Buffet Table Decorations • A General Overview
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The 4th of July celebrates the birth of the United States. The 4th of July Table Decorations is the focal point of Your event. This spot is where the nation’s traditions can mix together with Your buffet table decorating ideas! 

4th of July Table Decorations can and should incorporate all the senses. The smells and tastes of the foods and backyard bbqs fill the summer air. The touching and selecting the tableware plates, cups, and napkins. The sights of all the old glory reds, whites, and blues are colorful candy for the eyes. The sounds and music of a symphony orchestra playing patriotic tunes and the booming of fireworks. 

The page introduces the decorations spatially, from bottom to top. This is intentional so that it may help You when assembling the table area. The page is divided into 3 phases of those table areas. First is the foundation that is under the table. Next is the table itself with the main content. Finally is the surrounding area to the sides, back, and above. 

As You go through the page, think about Your unique space. Get those ideas flowing. Sketch them out. Write them down. 

Finally You are encouraged to take pictures of Your 4th of July table decorations, join the Event 4th of July Facebook Group, and interact with the community.

Ready?! Let’s Decorate! 


A good sturdy foundation is important for any table. A table that then has decorations all around is an absolute necessity. 

The most important to think about is this area in its entirety. For example, the logistics of how to adorn the space with hanging decorations around.


on a stone tile patio or composite decking.  


Rugs food spillage. We recommend washable rugs such as ruggable. 

For spills, Floors of Solid or Tile are idea. So are Hardwood Floors 

The Buffet Table is the heart of our discussion. It is the structure that essentially holds the gathered event elements. Table questions to ask Yourself, are as follows: 

  • Will the Buffet Table be a permanent furniture piece such as a solid table, sideboard cabinet, buffet cabinet, or patio table, or will the Buffet Table be a temporary furniture piece such as a folding table, or a wood plank or door upon two sawhorses? Knowing and planning out the logistics ahead of time is everything.
  • Furthermore what shape and size is the tabletop: rectangular, square, oval, or round? This is important for this next point, and Table Coverings later on.
  • Where will this Buffet Table be positioned within a space, and How will the table be oriented, in order to progress the flow of foot traffic as event guests arrive to and depart from the table? Master this as crowd control is essential, and especially for events that either have many guests, or tight spaces, or both.

Tabletops: Bare Table or Table Covering
Do You want a Bare Table or a Table Covering?

A Bare Table displays a beautiful tabletop to guests, but again the tabletop is also exposed to potential damage. 

Table Coverings protect the tabletop and double up as a perfect way to instantly set the mood of the event. Combine a Tablecloth and a Table Runner for the ultimate in layered decoration. 

Table Covering
Table Coverings, such as Tablecloths and Table Runners for the tabletop, as well as Table Skirts for the table sides, come in a multitude of shapes and sizes and dimensions, colors and patterns, and materials. 

Choose the size and shape and dimensions that best match the table characteristics. Colors and patterns are essentially infinite. Materials are either: a fabric used many times known as table linens such as polyester, cotton, vinyl, spandex, or a disposable such as papers or plastics.  

A Tablecloth instantly decorates the entire table. 

Outdoor tables do well with tablecloths, as a tablecloth is cleaner than the table surface. However an outdoor buffet table with tablecloth that is yet without items to weigh it down, may be carried off by the wind. 

Solutions to the wind are as follows…

A modern tablecloth that address wind:

  • An elegant solution is a spandex tablecloth. Wrinkle free. Machine washable. The spandex stretches over the tabletop and down to the legs. This tablecloth also doubles as also a table skirt.
    Spandex tablecloths are perfect for rectangular tables used for buffets, and round high top cocktail tables used while standing with drinks.
    Note however, these tablecloths are not designed for use with dinner tablecloths. The spandex material blocks the knees from being placed naturally under the table. Dinner tables are better with with other tablecloth solutions and are on a separate post. [Dinner table decorations post link coming soon.]
  • A similar approach are Elastic Tablecloths with exact fitting elastic edges. They cover just the tabletop, and expose the table bottom. An Elastic Tablecloth fits over a tabletop, much in the same way as a fitted bed sheet fits over a mattress.
    This solution works well with buffet tables (as well as dinner sitting tables).
    If using the Elastic Tablecloth is ideal, if only for the exposed bottom being another issue, then use an adjoining table skirt to conceal the bottom.

A traditional tablecloth that uses attachments that address wind:

  • Tablecloth Bunch with rubber bands and adornments. Simply bunch together the loose end fabric of each tablecloth corner, and hold together with a Rubber Band. The procedure is similar/identical to bunching hair into a ponytail. Adorn the bunch with colorful designer rope or ribbon. The adornment colors can match or compliment the colors of the event. The final decorated look is festive. This is more of a design procedure, rather than buying a specific product to hold down a tablecloth. 
  • Tablecloth Clips Spring Loaded Adjustable. These clips hold the tablecloth to the table. The clips that are spring loaded are best as they adjust to most any table thickness. Other varieties are fixed hard plastic that gives way a little. Often the clips are packaged in a 4 pack.
  • Tablecloth Weights. Small weights that clamp onto the bottom edge of the tablecloth, thus weighing it down. The weights are purchased in sets of 4, 6, 8, and 10. 

Table Overlay 

A Table Overlay is essentially a smaller 2nd Tablecloth. It is a layering effect.

Table Runner 

A Table Runner traditionally covers 1/3rd of the table, and runs lengthwise of the table. This allows the middle of the table to be accented. The remaining 2/3rds of the table length edges are bare, which allows the beauty of a table to come through. 

Or lay a Table Runner upon a Tablecloth, and the overall decoration becomes that much more interesting, as stated earlier. Decorating is all about layers. Mix and match solid colors of the event, with intriguing patterns. 

The length of the Table Runner can range significantly. The longest Table Runners overhang off the tabletop edge and down to the halfway point to the base. The shortest Table Runners are simply a small rectangle in the center of the tabletop. 

Another Table Runner placement variation is to rotate it 90 degrees so that it runs off the tabletop edge width wise. Triple up with 3 Table Runners for a balanced design that is pleasing to the eye. 

Table Skirts


Hand sanitizer


Kopin Porcelain has a good brief article to explain tableware and the 4 categories within that make up tableware. 


Plates Bowls Napkins 

Position the Tableware at the beginning.  

Go at the end

Spoons Knives Forks 

Cups and Straws








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