Aquasana Claryum 3-Stage Max Flow Review • Clean Water For All Your Events

Aquasana Claryum 3-Stage Max Flow Review •  Clean Water For All Your Events
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Aquasana Claryum 3-Stage Max Flow



Purchasing directly through Aquasana is Your Best & Cheapest Option! Let’s say Your Only Smart Option!
Avoid buying the Unit from Other Stores, even if the Unit is advertised cheaper. (More information below).

90 Days / or for a Lifetime if accepted into the “Water For Life” Program

1 Year / or for a Lifetime if accepted into the “Water For Life” Program

Unit Head with 3 Sump Filter Canisters and their 3 Cartridge Filters. 

Dedicated Clean Water Faucet in one of the three finishes: Oil Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Nickel, or Chrome (all the same price). 

All plumbing attachments needed.

Up to 99% Filters Out 77 Different Contaminants, while simultaneously keeping beneficial minerals.


Metric –
World Standard used by 192 Countries

Imperial –
Used by the United States

Service Flow Rate
2.73 Liters Per Minute0.72 Gallons Per Minute

Maximum Capacity
3,000 Liters800 Gallons

Dimensions of Under Sink Filter Unit

30.5 CM Length
X 33 CM Height X
11 CM Thick
12 inch Length
X 12.85 inch Height
X 4.25 inch Thick 

Operating Pressure
1.4 – 5.5 bar20 – 80 psi

Operating Temperature
4° – 32° C40° – 90° F

NSF (National Sanitation Foundation):

The NSF Independently Tested & Certified the Claryum 3-Stage Max Flow.

The Testing found the Claryum 3-Stage Max Flow to reduce up to 99% of 77 contaminants including lead, pharmaceuticals, PFOA/PFOS, chlorine, pesticides, VOCs, and more. 

The Certification was granted to Aquasana for the Claryum 3-Stage Max Flow.

NSF International is The Public Health and Safety Organization. The NSF is a Global Leader in Public Health Standards, Independent Testing, & Product Certification. 

Learn More about the NSF.


Introduction Video

Note: The Introduction Video mentioning the Aquasana Bluetooth connected app available for iPhone and Android devices, has since been discontinued as the app had problems. Aquasana has instead included a battery in the Filter Units for a more reliable method of tracking how much water You have filtered. More detail on this way below.

Clean Water For All Your Events

Do You need Clean Water for Your Home and Home Events?! 

Well if You are like us… then perhaps Yes. 

We need Clean Potable Water at all our Events for:

Aquasana Claryum 3-Stage Max Flow washing vegetables
Aquasana Claryum 3-Stage Max Flow washing vegetables
  • Filling the Vase Centerpieces with Crystal Clean Water. Better to keep the Glass of the Vases clean from contaminants. Cleaner water means a better presentation at this event looking through the clear water, as well as future events while looking through the clear glass free of embedded contaminants; (Ever see a cloudy white glass that used to be clear?)
  • Drinking Water for the Health of our Guests.
  • Cooking Water for Flavorful Recipes and nothing else unintentionally added. We use the Clean Water for Boiling, Steaming, Sautéing (with Water), Braising, Baking, Soups, Stews, and Sauces.
  • Cleaning Vegetables to reveal that crisp taste.

In addition, to the above, the day-to-day routine still applies. This includes Clean Water for the Pets and for the Plants. We even use it when refilling the fish tank! 

So we use the Dedicated Filtered Water to do all this, as well as the Municipal Tap Water for anything else. 

We want to Thank You for joining us. 

Aquasana Water Filtration Units 

To do all this, we have been relying on Aquasana since 2014. The Aquasana Water Filtration Units help us filter our tap water, into clean water for all our Events. 

The Units filter all Water Sources, such as Municipal Water, Well Water, and Harvested Rain Water. 

When we first started with Aquasana, the independent reports stated that Aquasana was the best. It still holds to this day. Water Filter Comparisons.

As a new Aquasana Customer, we were impressed by the excellent Customer Service. 

We bought our first Countertop Unit for a few reasons. One was so that we could move around the Unit; especially to outdoor events near a GFCI outlet.

The other was at the time, all the Under Sink Units had water flows that were less ideal. 

Years ago, in 2010, I lived in a house that had an Under Sink Unit with a standard flow rate… meaning slow. However, it wasn’t all bad. The slow Unit provided me the necessary time to ponder what life’s mysteries were all about… while waiting for my glass to fill with drinking water of course. LOL.

So I avoided the Under Sink Units…
Until recently! 

Aquasana’s Under Sink Unit has Max Flow that is 44% faster than the old standard! So a year ago, we purchased and installed the Claryum 3-Stage Max Flow. 

Time to do an honest Product Review of the Claryum 3-Stage Max Flow by Aquasana. 

Review Layout 


Next we take the Objective look, at all the PROS, all the NEUTRALS, and all the CONS. 

Then we take the Subjective look, and share our story after using it for a year, in the SUBJECTIVE PRODUCT USE section. 

Finally we provide OTHER RETAILERS, as alternatives to the benefits of buying direct through Aquasana. 


Sharing these Values with You, were the main reasons it was decided to write about this product! 

Let’s look closer as to Why Buying Direct is the Best Value!?! 


Aquasana shows the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) at $399.99. However You will not pay this. Showing an MSRP is just a Marketing technique that most all online stores use. An MSRP is to make Us, the customer, aware of the total value.

Year Round, Aquasana sells the Unit well below the MSRP! They sell it between their standard 50% OFF at $199.99, to a maximum of 62% OFF. 

Wherever the price is, when You are in the Market for an Under Sink unit,… just buy it today. 

Having a Water Filtration Unit is one of those products that is an investment, in that it saves You money again… and again… and again. The money savings alone, will more than pay for the Unit quickly. 

Plus the conveniences of having fresh clean water is priceless. 

With all this, You will thank Yourself later, and say… Self, I was so smart for having invested in my health! 

Multitude of Value

Buying Direct from Aquasana provides You a multitude of value, which only Aquasana can deliver.

  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
    Aquasana honors the Manufacturer’s Warranty. They make it easy! The fact that Aquasana is in itself both the Online store and the Manufacturer, makes honoring Warranties, that much more accessible. (More to follow… check out the Lifetime Extended Warranty.)
  • Free Shipping
    This one is worth mentioning, however expected this day and age. Since the total investment is greater than the industry standard of over around $40, Your items “ship-for-free”. You should be able to get free shipping with most major brand name stores.
  • 90 Day Return 
    Aquasana provides Aquasana Customers up to a Full 3 Months on Returns. Other Retailers, tell us up to a Full 1 Month only on Returns. If the Unit was purchased at the Other Retailer, then that Other Retailer must also welcome the return. Aquasana is not permitted to receive Returns purchased from Other Retailers.
  • Water For Life
    In Buying Direct from Aquasana, You are eligible into the “Water For Life” program. You are now covered for any and all future Water Filters! Like clockwork, You are sent new Filters, when the time comes! Choose Your duration period. For the Claryum 3-Stage Max Flow, choose 6 months, 9 months, or even up to the maximum of 12 months. (More on this below). Think of the Program as Your Filter Delivery System for any and all Aquasana Units that need Filters. Set it and forget it… until the Unit is ready to accept new Filters. 

Water For Life 

Being eligible into the Aquasana “Water For Life” program, provides additional benefits worth noting in its own section! Let’s Dive Deeper… 

  • Lifetime Extended Warranty
    Any Unit, which is purchased in conjunction with the Aquasana “Water For Life” program, is also covered under the Lifetime Extended Warranty! This means that when the Unit has its manufacturers 1 Year Warranty end,… Aquasana will pick it up and cover all future costs, should the Unit or Unit parts ever need replacement… and this is for Life… as long as the “Water For Life” program is continued by the customer. Happy Filters mean Happy Units.
  • 15% OFF All Filters 
    The Filters do not show the MSRP.
    The Aquasana retail price is at $79.99.
    (Other Retailers may have it for that price, or perhaps $74.99.)
    However in the “Water For Life” program, Your price is 15% OFF at $67.99, and that is for all three Filters.
  • Free Shipping
    Not only is their Free Shipping in the beginning when You buy the Unit,… all the Filters are delivered with Free Shipping!
  • No Contract
    Modify the Filters at any time! Change the Filter interval delivery. Choose 6 months,… to 9 months,… to a full 12 months. Or cancel the “Water For Life” program at any time if You no longer need clean fresh water. 


Health Benefits 

The Unit amazingly removes 77 contaminants, and does so up to 99%,… while simultaneously keeping beneficial minerals!

“Patented Claryum® Technology = Healthy, Delicious Water” 

“Our independently-certified Claryum® filtration removes the most contaminants while retaining naturally-occurring beneficial minerals to turn ordinary tap water into extraordinary water.”

Click on the “See the full list of contaminants filtered” button. 

Environmental Benefits

If You are a family that buys a lot of water bottles, the Unit replaces the need for water bottles at 

Aquasana provides Glass Water Bottles that are healthy to consume from, and natural for the environment. Ever see volcanic glass? What about a Beach made of glass pebble sand? Glass is a natural phenomenon in nature. Plastic is not. 

No Waste Water

100% Water Is used. This Unit filters and uses all of its water. There is no Waste Water.

Regrettably the Osmosis Filters process the water, but in doing so generate 20% to 45% Waste Water in doing so. It is because of this Waste Water, that we do not endorse Osmosis Filters. Or else if we do in the future, we do so where the waste water must be put to good use, such as recycled back into the system, or watering the plants. 


Upgrades from what? Well we own both the Countertop Unit, and now this Under Sink Unit. We did the homework on their benefits, so we endorse both. 

The Countertop Units selling point is that they are ready to plug in with no installation, and filter water quickly; and that they do! They filter water with powered water pressure; which means Electricity to power the Pump. 

The Under Sink Unit is an Upgrade for a few ways. 

As the name implies, the Under Sink Unit is seamless, and out of the way. Countertop space is freed up.

In addition the Unit works on the water pressure infrastructure, not electricity. Which has two additional benefits in our next points. 

Cost of Operation

No electricity. As the Unit works on water pressure, the unit saves money on electric utility costs. 


No sound. Again as the Unit works on water pressure, there is no need for a loud pump. 


44% Faster than other Under Sink Units. 

Choose 1 of 3 Finishes

The Dedicated Faucet with the Unit comes in 3 finishes! Plus they are all the same cost! Your choice of Oil Rubbed Bronze, or Brushed Nickel, or Chrome. 

Easy Filters 

Finally the 3 Sump Filter Canisters and their 3 Cartridge Filters, are easy to install and remove. Simply rotate clockwise or counterclockwise a quarter turn. Aquasana even provides a Wrench for the Canisters, should You need. 

Filter Replacement Video


Sink & Vanity Cabinet Base Waterproof Protectors 

Before installing the Filtration Unit, invest in the absolute necessary Cabinet Base Waterproof Protector. The installation will undoubtedly create water spills. 

All Wet Cabinets require Base Waterproof Protectors. This includes all Kitchen Sink Cabinets, and Bathroom Vanity Cabinets. If the cabinet has plumbing inside, the cabinet needs a Water Protector! 

All Plumbing leaks and or sweats from time to time, no matter how good the installation. The Base Protector will catch all drips and leaks. 

When I worked as a Kitchen & Bathroom remodeler, it was shocking to see 9 out of 10 wet cabinet bases all rotted out, and none with base protectors. 

Protect Your Home. Invest a little money, to save a costly Cabinet replacement. Plus if and when You sell the Home, the wet cabinets will be as good as new for the next homeowner. 

You may thank us later for this advice.  

Standard Shipping 

7 to 10 business days to receive any and all packages from Aquasana. This includes Filtration Units, and or Filter Kits. 

Basic Plumbing Knowledge 

The Unit installation may be easy, or less than easy, depending on Your level of Basic Plumbing Knowledge. The provided installation instructions are good to great… not excellent. We found there is still room to improve. For the most part, the instructions were straightforward. 

Read through the instructions… 

gather the tools…

and watch the Installation Video 

Should You still feel unsure about a DIY Project, no worries. Seek a professional plumber to install the Unit as needed. 

Post-Install Monitoring

After installation, monitor all the disturbed plumbing… over the next few days to a few weeks. 

Test for possible plumbing leaks. Keep the cabinet base clear. Use towels and or paper towels to line the Base of the Cabinet as test material. 

Make sure all is dry.  

Again having a Cabinet Base Protector already in place, and You will now be thanking us and Yourself for being smart. 

Return Shipping  

We talked about the Full 90 Day Return by Aquasana. 

Further on this subject is the Return Shipping Costs. 

If a purchase is made from Aquasana,… and it arrives in error of Aquasana at fault, Aquasana will cover all Return Shipping Costs, and with a provided Return Shipping Label.

As we stated, the Aquasana Customer Service is excellent, so You will be taken care of with respect. Remember, they want Your business for a Lifetime! 

If however the purchase arrives,… and in error of Us the Customer, then we must pay for the Return Shipping. 

3 Filter Cartridges

Having the extra 3rd Filter Cartridge, it is good in that it provides that much more filtration from the 77 contaminants. 

In saying that, having the extra 3rd Filter Cartridge, or simply having 3 Filter Cartridges, means 3 Filter Cartridges must be replaced. 

More Replacement Filters means more cost.   

This is the classic dilemma of contemplating Cost vs Health. 

So it is neither good nor bad. It is neutral. Simply it is what it is. 


After using the Unit for quite some time, we found really only one Con, that maybe  borderline Coon-Neutral. Plus this is a First World Country problem. We are just being thorough to give you all the information and options. You decided. 

Water Meter

The 3 Filter Cartridges together, can filter up to 3,000 Liters (800 Gallons). 

When the old Filter Cartridges reach 3,000 Liters, it is time to replace them with new Filter Cartridges. 

However, the Unit however, has no Water Meter, of which it would have used to measure the amount of water it has filtered. Regrettably You and I are unsure when 3,000 Liters has been filtered. 

What makes this a borderline Con-Neutral, is that it appears that NO Filtration Unit on the market,… incorporates ANY Water Meter within it?! This even includes the big expensive Whole House Units. 

Perhaps this comes down to,… the Plumbing market keeping Filtration Units and Water Meters separate on purpose? Each one is designed to do one specific job. Filtration units are good at Filtering Water. Water Meters are good at measuring the Volume of Water. 

As stated earlier, for a time, Aquasana attempted to implement a Water Meter App to measure the Water Volume. Regrettably the App and Unit did not work well with each other. So also as stated, when You see it on the Introduction video,… ignore that.

Either way, to be precise, a Water Meter must be installed along only the dedicated filtration plumbing; either before or after the Unit. 

Water Meters are inexpensive. They range from $20 – $100. 

They are also relatively easy to install. 

Now these are Water Meters that use a numeric counter to track the total volume of water over a great amount of time. They come as mechanical and digital. In my personal experience and opinion, the mechanical meters appear better than the digital in their overall longevity to track water. Electricity and Water don’t mix well. Either way, the numeric counter has the same look to it as the Odometer on Your car to track kilometers/miles. 

Also often, the Water Meters will also have Flow Meters that track how much water volume is flowing through at that specific time. Again using the car analogy, think of the speedometer with a needle. 

In saying all that, make sure You are buying a Water Meter with or without a Water Flow Meter (preferably with a Water Flow Meter), and not just a Water Flow Meter. 

Water Flow Meters by themselves are just for the immediate use. As I understand it, gardeners use standalone Water Flow Meters to know how much water volume is coming through the hose, so not to damage delicate flower plants. 

Without a Water Meter on the Unit or separate Water Meter, we are uncertain as to just how much water has been filtered?! 

Nor do we know just how much time it will take to reach 3,000 Liters? It may only be 3 months. Or perhaps 6 months. Or 9 months. 

Note that Aquasana states, regardless,… the filter Cartridges MUST be replaced after 3,000 Liters or 12 Months… whichever comes first. This is a health safety precaution, due to mold/mildew buildup in stagnant water beyond 12 Months. 

The dilemma is the three variables affecting the filter replacement interval are:

  • How many people live in the home, and who are using the Unit to filter water?
  • How frequently are those same people using the filtered water?
  • Finally, what is the water quality of their water before it is being filtered? Cleaner pre-filtered water, means cleaner Filter Cartridges, equals less frequent Filter Cartridge replacements. Perhaps the 12 months may be achieved. Conversely heavy sediment pre-filtered water results in the opposite, with dirty Filter Cartridges, and more frequent Filter Cartridge replacements. 

After a few years of cycling through Filter Cartridges, You have the timing down to a science. You know based on Your specific variables, just how many months it takes until the Filter Cartridges need replacing… Until You Host an Event Buddy! LOL. Now all those Event Guests, throw Your whole calculation out of whack! 

Placing at all these variables in some possible scenarios: 

Perhaps You Live alone, have no children, You filter the Water only a few times through the day, Your Pre-Filtered Water is clean and free of sediments, and never have guests,… LOL. You win the 12 Month Award! 

Or Perhaps You Live in a Shoe, who has so many children, You don’t know what to do… LOL. Another thing… how clean could your Pre-Filtered Water possibly be? You Live In a Shoe for Crying Out Loud! LOL. At least You give them some broth… made from Clean Filtered Water. Plus You send them to bed… with a fresh glass of Clean Water. LOL. Having guests or not makes no difference. All and All You regrettably win the 1 Month frequent flyer Filter Award! 

Again the point is, only by investing in a Water Meter is the only practical way to be absolutely sure, you are getting the most volume out of Your Filter Cartridges.

Aquasana… If Your Units DO NOT or CAN NOT have built in Water Meters, should You  at least provide a separate Water Meter that comes with the purchase of the Units, so that we as Customers may install them? 

Now to give Aquasana some additional credit,… their laboratory research took the data of all those variables, to determine that 6 Months is the average time that all Customers will reach 3,000 Liters.

In knowing this, their solution is providing a specifically designed 6 month limited-charge battery, with each Filtration Kit. The new Battery and the new Filter Cartridges are both installed at the same time. 

The battery continuously depletes its power… 24/7 regardless of water filtration. 

In 6 months time,… the battery depletes its power down to only 10% remaining,… and triggers the Unit’s alarm to sound with 5 rapid beeps. 

Be mindful of this alarm sound, as the Unit and thus the alarm, is deep under the sink. Embarrassingly, it took us days to realize the sound was the Filtration Unit below us, and not some random car alarm outside through the Kitchen Sink window… LOL. It was only after conversing with Aquasana, did we fully understand the extent to “How” and to “Why” and to “What” purpose the battery serves. Which is why we write about it to share with You. 

So now You know. Just be mindful that the battery is only there as a reminder. The Unit nor the battery is actually tracking the volume of water filtered. 


So I am a DIY project guy. I’ve always been good with my hands. So I tackled this project as well. 


In saying that, these installation steps took a good part of the day. 

  1. The instructions were read thoroughly. 
  2. The parts all laid out. 
  3. The tools gathered. 
  4. The sink cabinet cleared and cleaned. 
  5. The existing plumbing was disassembled. 
  6. The new additional plumbing parts were added. 
  7. The Unit was attached to the back of our sink cabinet. Positioning the Unit took some time, as I wanted to get the placement just correct. 
  8. The hose plumbing tubes all connected. 
  9. The faucet tightened down. This was a challenge to reach way up underneath to get to the fastening nut. Make sure to rotate the faucet handle to where You want. We went with the faucet handle on the left hand side, as we would be holding a glass with our right hand. You could as easily put the handle on the right side, or even on the front. On the finish, we chose the Oil Rubbed Bronze finish. It looks great!
  10. Clean up. Tools put away. 


The sink cabinet was kept clear to monitor for leaks. Glad I did. We had two leaks. Fortunately, I installed a Sink Base Water Protector years ago. So the sink base was completely protected from water damage. 

Both leaks were not the Unit. The Unit was great. 

After a few days, the hose plumbing tubes of the Unit had a leak. The leak was my fault. The leak was fixed when the white plastic tapered washer part that goes on the hose tube was turned the correct direction. Regrettably the instructions fail to mention which way to point the tapering. If I recall correctly, the broad side faces the Unit, while the taper narrow end points away from the Unit. The other issue was I needed to push in the hose aggressively until it clicks, meaning it grabs the hose firmly. 

After a week, the main leak was actually due to a hidden bolt on our main water shut off/on valve. The plumbing is simply getting old. Our home was built in 1973, with the original plumbing in place. The shut off/on valve is under our kitchen sink, as we have a rancher style home, on concrete slab at ground level, without basement. (Basements are a pain anyway. Too many problems.) 

Ironically simultaneously, our old rusty garbage disposal finally died after the last year of a series of troubles. 

Plus after using the Unit, the Filter Faucet fastener bolt came undone, despite my earlier efforts. 

So we hired a Plumber to replace the Garbage Disposal, tighten the Main Water Line bolt, and while at it… tighten the Filter Faucet. He did a Great Job! 

The Filter Faucet has remained tight! 

Using The Filter Faucet

All in all, we are loving having the Filter Faucet to receive Clean Water at anytime! Plus the Faucet is so much faster, when compared to the older model I knew at the rental property back in 2010 (which was probably originally installed circa 2000.)

Consider Your Kitchen countertop and sink. Despite having a career as a Kitchen Designer…. we have the budget kitchen that came with our home; laminate countertop and drop-in sink. 

Our standard stainless steel drop-in sink, in combination with the Filter Faucet at the upper sink corner, is a little bit of a challenge. Again a first world problem. 

Drop-in Sink bowls have wide round corners where the sides meet the other sides, and the sides meet the bottom. As a result, resting a drinking glass flat on the sink bottom is out a way from the faucet. No tight sink corners to put the drinking glass right underneath the Filter Faucet. 

Furthermore, the bottom of the drop-in sink also presents an added challenge. The bottom is designed at a slight angle; conical to the drain to allow for water drainage. As a result, the drinking glass, while resting flat on that sink bottom, is also at that slight angle, and unfortunately slightly angled just out of reach of the Filter Faucet. 

Holding small containers such as the drinking glass is fine.

We have found other clever ways to fill containers to get around our sink limitations. 

Small glasses and containers fill well with filtered water, while resting on the countertop and the faucet rotated. 

Larger containers, such as pitchers and soup pots, are angled toward the Filter Faucet, by placing items underneath, such as the new garbage disposal metal drain stopper or perhaps a dirty dish. They do the trick. 

The Faucet reaches out to 12 cm (4.75 inch), and is made of very good quality. In regards to any solution to the faucet having to deal with the sink… is either replace the faucet all together for a wider and perhaps taller faucet, or spend much on a solid countertop that allows for a quality undermount sink with tighter corners. 

For now, our configuration is ok. We are simply pleased to have Clean Fresh Water at any time! 

Filter Replacement

We have pushed back our Filter Replacement from the standard 6 months, to instead 9 months, based on our variables. 

Aquasana customer service changed our Filter Kit delivery intervals. 


In regards to Other Retailers, and Aquasana products…

Should You still NEED to purchase the Unit and or future Filters from Other Retailers, but not directly through Aquasana and all the Aquasana benefits,… all is not lost.  

Aquasana has buyer forgiveness. The Aquasana Customer Service is exceptional, and they want our business as water customers and welcome us into the clean water family, regardless.  

Aquasana will still cover a Unit under their Lifetime Extended Warranty, even after it the Unit was purchased at another retailer, with the one condition of enrollment in the “Water For Life” program on the future Filters. 

Here are the Other Retailers that carry the Unit.


Filter Kit


  • Next Day Free Shipping with Amazon Prime Membership.
  • Filter prices are often matched to that of Aquasana’s 15% OFF Water For Life filter price.


  • No Lifetime Extended Warranty on the Unit. 

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