4th of July Centerpieces

4th of July Centerpieces
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Welcome to the 4th of July Centerpieces article!

We celebrate the birth of a Nation… Happy Birthday the United States of America! 

What are some ideas for 4th of July Centerpieces? 

How are 4th of July Centerpieces put together? 

Where do I get the decor for 4th of July Centerpieces? 

National Candy Jar Game Centerpiece

Candy Jar Centerpieces are always a fun time! 

First of all, seeing all the Candy on display is eye candy! Pun intended or No Pun intended. Your choice. We give You options here at Event Butterfly… LOL. 

Second, the “Guess How Many Candies are in the Jar” Game is a favorite Party Game! As You know, Games are an absolute MUST for Successful Parties. Lively Guests means a Lively Party! 

The following is a rough guide to follow. Use the materials and tools You have, and or pick up what You may need. 


Glass Vase Apothecary Candy Jars with Lids
Koyal WholesaleeFavorMartOriental TradingWalmart 

Candy to fill the Jars for the Candy Jar Guess Game – 
Old Time Candy has Old Glory Patriotic Confection to fill the Jars! 
After much consideration, we selected the M&M’s Patriotic Bulk Bag 0.9 kg (2 lb.)

1st Prize Candy – 
Patriotic Candy Gift Box which is absolutely perfect as the Grand Prize!

2nd Prize Candy - 
Unicorn Pops Tub Quantity 24

3rd Prize Candy - 
All American Salt Water Taffy Candy Pail

Mini Glass Vial with Cork Inside holds a mini message in a bottle. Inscribed is the Answer… the number of how many candies are in the jar. 

Colored Construction Paper used in the Printer or Handwritten

Mason Jars Clear Blue Glass with Star Prints and Tin Lids

And Possibly the Silver Star Handle Lids. (we need to make sure of the diameters of the jar opening and star lid align. No diameter was given for the star lid.) 


Patriotic Stickers of Your Choice.

Party Favor Gift: 

Star Glass Bottle with Cork quantity 12 - at Events And Crafts! 


Nitrile Rubber Gloves (select Your hand/glove size) 

Glass Cleaner 

Printer from NewEgg 

GIMP Freeware image editor

Or for a handwritten look… a Calligraphy Pen. Perhaps one of these pens or pen kits may work for You. 

Paper Rotary Trimmer - If You do a lot of crafts and projects, perhaps a Paper Rotary Trimmer will do You and Your family well. We are referring to the Paper Cutters that are Rotary Trimmers for single paper projects and crafts. Rotary Trimmers have a cutting head that encases the blade for safety. The cutting head is manually moved horizontally back or forth to trim the paper. (We are not referring to the Guillotine Cutters with the hinged blade, used in professional settings for cutting numerous stacks of paper. Guillotine Cutters are only to be operated with trained professionals.) 

Or Scissors of Your choice.

Often the Apothecary Candy Jars are sold as a beautiful 3 set… So naturally we thought to make the game look more appealing, by using all three Jars. 

However after much development, the Game needs just one and only one of the Vase Apothecary Candy Jars. 

Use only one jar and You will thank Yourself later. The Game will be Simpler on multiple levels, variables will be much less and or non existent, and we believe You will enjoy it more. It will be simpler on You in the preparation, simpler during the Game, and simpler afterward in deciding the winners. 

Three Jars appear too complex all around. Complex in the preparation, and most importantly… too complex while at the Event, during the Game and then deciding the winners. 

Keep It Simple Stupid: KISS. Three jars brings up unknowns for game contestants. Such questions arise. Are game contestants to guess each Candy Jar separately and note those three guesses on the paper? Or are game contestants to guess all the candy in all three jars, and add all of those numbers for a grand total? Furthermore, to parallel these questions, how are the three prizes given out for first, second, and third place? Does first place go to the person who guessed the correct answer for the total number of all the jars? Or what happens if a person were to answer the absolute correct number on one jar, but miss the numbers on the other jars? What happens if there is a tie in the total number or on two of the jars? How is a tie handled? There are just too many variables with three jars. Then to further this, You will need to define all those variables. Write down all the rules on paper, so guests may read and understand, while You are busy Hosting and doing other aspects of the Event. Finally given all this, further questions are sure to rise, and or a variable may not be covered. Someone else as a helper will need to be at the Centerpiece Game to monitor, and answer any questions. 

Ok… let’s get started! 

Select one of the Candy Jars that have multiple curves. A funky shape is much more of a fun challenge, rather than a boring cylinder. This will make the game more lively! 

Clean the Vase Apothecary Candy Jar and Lid inside and out using the Gloves and Cleaner. 

Fill the jar with the Candy to the desired amount. Fill to a max of only 90% or less… for the next step. 

Next sits the Mini Glass Vial on top of the candies, so leave enough space. The Vial may resemble a message in a bottle. Inside the Vial, contains a paper with the answer to how many candies are in the jar. 

Finally make sure the Jar lid fits nicely with the Candy and the Vial. 

Now the Jar is beginning to come together. 

We now know the volume of candy we need. Next we need to count how many candies. 

So,... temporarily disassemble. 

Carefully remove the lid, and set aside the Vial. 

Empty the Candy Jar. 

Count the number of candies. The original packaging may help determine the Total Candy count. 

Place the number answer on a strip of the Construction Paper. Cut the strip of Paper with the number. Roll the strip of Paper, so as to conceal the number. Stuff the roll inside the Mini Glass Vials with Cork. 

Now backing up for just a moment… There are a few ways to place the number answer on the Colored Construction Paper. 

If You are in a hurry, simply use a pen or pencil to Paper to write the number answer. Easy. 

Or for a fancy handwritten old English look, use Calligraphy Pens. The number answer is drawn rather than written. 

Or for You tech savvy graphic designers, use a computer, software, and printer, to bring the number answer to life. GIMP is an excellent open source Freeware that works very well. For an early American Colonist look, the Caslon font was often used, developed by William Caslon. Remember, fonts communicate twice… one is the words they mean, and two (which is most important) is the idea the font style conveys. Finally Print the number answer on the construction paper. 

Simultaneously, in placing the number answer on the Construction Paper,... Game Contestants will also need strips of paper in order to play the game and cast their number guess. Use the Paper Rotary Trimmer or the Scissors. 

We will return to these strips of paper for the Game Contestants in just a moment. 

Now that we know the number of candies, and the number answer is safely rolled tightly in the Mini Glass Vial… let’s finish the final assembly of the Candy Jar. 

Place the Candies back into the Candy Jar. 

Place the Mini Glass Vial, on top of the Candies. Hooray! You have a mini message in a bottle! 

Put the Candy Jar lid on. 

The Patriotic Stickers seal the Candy Jar lid edge, until the answer is revealed. The game stays fair and fun for all. 

(The remaining Stickers also may be attached to the Party Favor Star Bottle sides for an added fun decoration.)

Next is to set up the materials for the Game Contestants. 

We found Mason Jars with the Star Decorations! You will need at least two jars. 

The Game Contestants begin with the first Mason Jar. It contains the Markers and more strips of the Construction Paper. The Game Contestants will use these to write their name and number guess. Cut as many strips for the Contestants as You may need for Your Event. A Mason Jar lid should guard against wind if the Centerpiece placement is outside. 

Finally the Game Contestants finish with the second Mason Jar. It contains the Game Contestant’s paper strip game entry with their name and number guess. The tin lid with  the star cutout opening encourages contestants to drop in their number guess. One guess per contestant. 

After all Event Guests have had a chance as Game Contestants, the answer is revealed, the winners are declared, and prizes are awarded! 

A quick mini game to add to the fun, is to determine who will read the answer, since You already know it. Whoever catches 3 patriotic popcorn pieces in their mouth is the mini game winner, and the person honored to reveal the answer. Of course this requires Patriotic Popcorn at the event as well. 

The Patriotic Stickers seal is broken. The Candy Jar lid is set aside. The Mini Glass Vial is pulled out, and uncorked. The Answer Paper Strip is slid out and unrolled. Finally the Answer is announced! 

At this point, Game Contestants who already know what number they guessed, may Declare themselves the Winner! 

Ask the Answer Announcer to select another person, to open up the Star Mason Jar, and read out the Game Contestant answers. 

Finally the Game Winners are announced! The Winners are those persons closest to the answer, either an exact number match, or more, or less. The top three persons closest are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. 

Should there be a tie among two people for the 1st place, 2nd place, or 3rd place, then that place position prize is to be divided up accordingly. For example, say there are 100 pieces of candy. One person guesses 99 and the other guesses 101. They both win. In this rare occasion, the Game will have 4 winners! Yay! 

The Patriotic Candy Gift Box and others are the ideal prizes!  

Once the Game has concluded, the Candy in the Candy Jar is divided among the Party Favor Star Glass Jars. Everyone gets to take a piece of the fun, home with them! 

Patriotic Floating Pearls Centerpiece 


Floating Pearls and Star Gems Patriotic. Vase Pearlfection has assembled a Patriotic Floating Pearls Patriotic Set with Pearls and Star Gems in Red, White, and Blue! (included are the Clear Magic Water Beads.) 

As an alternative, Vase Pearlfection also has, 
Floating Pearls and Diamond Gems Patriotic

You may also purchase All Colors:
Red • White • Blue (Make sure to get the Pack Floating, as they also include the Clear Magic Water Beads)

Additional Clear Water Beads, should You need more to complete the Floating Pearl effect.
2 PackLarge Event Pack

Square Vase • Clear Glass • by CYS Excel. 
Select 1 of the 3 available Square Vases. The bases are different sizes, so best just to stick with just 1 Vase, rather than attempting a tri vase centerpiece. 
12 cm x 12 cm (4.75 inch x 4.75 inch) base, and 61 cm (24 inch) height 
8 cm x 8 cm (3.13 inch x 3.13 inch) base, and 45.5 cm (18 inch) height 
8 cm x 8 cm (3.13 inch x 3.13 inch) base, and 35.5 cm (14 inch) height 

CYS Excel direct has them in wholesale sets of twelve or six: 
12 cm x 12 cm (4.75 inch x 4.75 inch) base, and 61 cm (24 inch) height
8 cm x 8 cm (3.13 inch x 3.13 inch) base, and 45.5 cm (18 inch) height
8 cm x 8 cm (3.13 inch x 3.13 inch) base, and 35.5 cm (14 inch) height

Vase Market and Glass Vase Depot both have them in retail sets of four or two or one.
Here determine which is the better option for You based on total cost, shipping, discounts, and value. 

Vase Market: 
12 cm x 12 cm (4.75 inch x 4.75 inch) base, and 61 cm (24 inch) heightat a quantity of six or two or one.
8 cm x 8 cm (3.13 inch x 3.13 inch) base, and 45.5 cm (18 inch) height at a quantity of twelve or six or two.
8 cm x 8 cm (3.13 inch x 3.13 inch) base, and 35.5 cm (14 inch) height at a quantity of twelve or six or two.

Distilled Water. About two to three 3.75 Liter (1 Gallon) containers should do it. Better to get two or three and not need the others, rather than get one and then find out You need Two or Three. If You do not use them for Vases, You will use the Water for drinking or cooking, Yes?!

Vase Top Filler Accent of Your Choice: 
Patriotic Flower Headband
Mini Bright Flower Petals
Patriotic Wire Star Garland
Patriotic Garland

Party Favor Gift: 

Small Mason Jars - Square Shape to parallel the Square Vase. 4 Jar Set.

Additional Water Beads 


Nitrile Rubber Gloves (select Your hand/glove size) 

Glass Cleaner 

Measuring Spoons in both Metric and Imperial 

Tiny Jars 30 ml (1 oz) 12 pack to hold all the dehydrated smaller Water Bead colors. Pick up two 12 packs, if You intend to also get the larger Water Bead sets. Or just a 6 pack.

Larger Mason Jars 94.5 cL (32 oz) Jar Set of 12 Count, for holding the hydrated Water Beads. 

Dehydrator and Mesh Screens

Clean the Square Vase with the Rubber Gloves and Glass Cleaner. 

Measure out some of the Clear Magic Water Beads from the Tiny Jars using the Measuring Spoons. Place into the Larger Mason Jars. 

Pour in the Distilled Water. Wait 10 Hours, so the Magic Water Beads reach full size. 

Scoop out and begin building the Square Vase, layer by layer. First add a layer of clear Magic Water Beads. 

As You work up, add the occasional Pearls and or Gems. Surround with clear Magic Water Beads. Pour in a little bit of the Distilled Water. Watch the Magic as the clear Water Beads disappear. Repeat. 

Repeat again… and again… until the desired height is reached. 

Add the Vase Top Filler of Your Choice: Patriotic Flowers or Garland. 

For The Party Favor, use the Mason Jars as mini vases. 

Substitute the Floating Pearls for instead the colored Magic Water Beads in Red White and Blue, as they are more affordable and plentiful.

First start with the base layer of the clear Water Beads. Layer with the colored Water Beads. Repeat. 

Fill the Mason Jar about half full. 

Pour in the Distilled Water.

Accent with a silk flower. 

Fasten the jar lid on. 


Thank You for visiting the 4th of July Centerpieces article!

We showed some ideas for 4th of July Centerpieces. 

We also put the 4th of July Centerpieces together.  

Plus we showed all the places to acquire the decor for the 4th of July Centerpieces. 

Happy Birthday the United States of America!


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