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Press Kit

A company’s branding will need multiple logo versions, which are used for different media and marketing. 
Event Butterfly Inc for example has at least 9 logo criteria:   

  1. Graphic Format:  Raster  (pixel resolution)  vs  Vector (math) 
  2. Hue:  Monochromatic (Black or White)  vs  Full Color 
  3. Background:  Transparent  vs  Solid 

  4. USPTO symbols:  Trademark ™    or    Registered ® 

  5. Overall Shape / Dimensions:  Square (icon)  vs  Horizontal (banner) 

  6. Mixing of the Different Marks:  Design Mark separately  vs  Word Mark separately  vs  Both together (Design Mark & Word Mark) 
  7. Doing Business As Names:  Event Butterfly  vs  Event Butterfly Inc  vs 

    The official marks can thrive in a Logo System…  
    Having all this in place means infinite possibilities for both marks together or separately. 
    Explaining below… 
  8. Logo System – Design Mark:  The design mark “Logo” was registered in the color Black, on purpose. Registering in black, gives a company the freedom to be presented in any color, and it still retains its USPTO protection. So we can change the color for different events. However, because it is a “design mark”, the overall silhouette shape must remain intact. 
  9. Logo System – Word Mark:  The word mark “Event Butterfly” was also registered in black. It too allows the freedom to be presented in any color, and still be USPTO-protected. In addition, since the “Event Butterfly” was registered as a word mark, (and not a design mark), the words can be presented in any font, any size, any color! So for example, we can change the font to reflect a specific event! We can have the text as a serif font, san serif font, script font, etc. etc. etc. 

Logo System Commitment 
The Event Butterfly temporary logo was used between  2017 (the year of incorporation)  –  2022,…
until the funding could be secured for the legal fees to trademark our official logo
This temporary logo was used on our Event T-shirts,… 
Learn more about Logo Systems,…