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Event Butterfly Logo

Stories Behind The Design

Event Butterfly Logo Design Mark

The ‘LOGO’ Design Mark and the ‘EVENT BUTTERFLY’ Word Mark are Intellectual Properties of Event Butterfly Inc and USPTO Registered Trademarks ®

A Branding Story

Graphic Design Elements, Incorporated Into The Logo,...
By Design

How Many Characteristics Can You Find In The Logo?


A ‘Social Butterfly attendee of Events’ is the central idea to the Word Mark ‘EVENT BUTTERFLY’. Our Logo design is central to that of a Butterfly. 

However, the design needed to be more than that of presenting a butterfly. Such a direct representation of a butterfly may conjure up more thoughts of butterflies, but fail to go beyond. 

An Abstract Butterfly may better transition the viewer’s thoughts over to additional ideas. 

Yet the logo still needs to be simple, as to Brand the Company. 


The design needed to suggest an everlasting continuous cycle of events year after year. A redesign of the Infinity Symbol is the perfect element. 


Design on the logo began, immediately securing the website domain name in 2012.

A neat design discovery was found early in the logo design phase! An abstract ‘E’ and ‘B’ alphabetic letters may be placed perfectly inside the logo. The alphabetic letters are worked into the flow of the logo, and intentionally hidden in plain sight. The viewer may be unaware they are even there.

This ‘E • B’ discovery also reinforced the notion that the chosen company name and its domain name were indeed correct. The name Event Butterfly suggests the idea of All Events. ‘EVENT’ is the primary word. While ‘Butterfly’ is the supporting secondary word. Replace ‘Butterfly’ and one may do all sorts of events throughout the year! For example: EVENT New Year • EVENT Valentine’s Day • EVENT Memorial Day.

However a reverse name of ‘Butterfly Event’ and its corresponding ‘B • E’ may work less, if not at all? The English language adjective-noun is counter-intuitive. The adjective precedes the very noun it is describing,… before the reader knows what noun is being described!?!!
‘Butterfly Event’ company name and domain, may suggest events that are only specific to butterflies? Perhaps a limiting pigeonhole?
‘B’ and ‘E’ initials may also not work as well within the logo design.
Furthermore, the name ‘Event Butterfly’, together with this ‘E • B’ discovery, perfectly came together naturally. Solidifying the notion to continue,… that Event Butterfly may be on the right path to success,… and one day be able to give back to the world.

Perhaps the Design Mark may one day be looked at as famous logos that incorporate hidden elements. For example: the ‘FedEx’ arrow • the ‘Baskin Robbins’ 31.


Horizontal Heart shapes are formed in the “Air Space” inside the logo. 

The viewer may see two single hearts mirrored (facing each other). Or the viewer may see two double hearts mirrored and overlapping (facing each other). 

These “Air Spaces” are the areas between and around logos, in the world of creative design. 


The abstract design allows the incorporation of Personifying the Butterfly. The Butterfly looks as it could double as a human. The top middle element as the head. While the X shape resembles an excited human jumping for joy. 


We believe there is an Event for Everyone. So the logo must appeal to all, regardless of Sex or Gender. 

The logo design has qualities of both Feminine and Masculine.

  • Feminine/Female Curved and Rounded Shapes, and Thin Strokes.
  • Masculine/Male Angular and Edged Shapes, and Thick Strokes. 


Two Liquid Drops that are Symmetrical and Mirrored. Suggest a balanced Yin and Yang. 

EVENT Fun attends multiple Theatrical Productions, known as EVENT Theatre. The ancient Greek Theatre symbol of the Comedy Mask (Sock) and the Tragedy Mask (Buskin) is appropriate. 

The Top Drop is uplifting and light. Hence the Comedy. The up curve of the drop resembles the happy curved cheekbones and mouth of Sock. 

While the Bottom Drop is falling and heavy. Hence the Tragedy. The down curve of the drop resembles the sad curved cheekbones and mouth of Buskin. 

A Parallel Idea is the Drop Icon resembling the Map Pin associated with various mapping technologies and software as a whole. 

EVENT Fun attends events of all kinds. Our goal is to attend events all over the world in both hemispheres of the globe. 
Hence the Top Drop, and the Bottom Drop. The Drop Icon is a Map Pin from both hemispheres of the world. 

The logo is reminiscent of a Bow Tie shape. 
Event Butterfly is building toward hosting our annual Black Tie Event. 
We also have plans to host various ‘Color Theme’ Parties. 
In both such parties, the designated color bow tie would be worn by the male gender, and long gowns of that color would be worn by the female gender. 


We are simply pleased that the logo we present to you is Balanced. Symmetrical • Mirrored • Rotatable • Flippable.

The logo is Symmetrical and Mirrored, as it is the same on both sides and both hemispheres.

The logo can be Rotated and Flipped 180 degrees on both its axes, the horizontal, and the vertical, and still keeps its consistent design.


Our goal is that our professional Design Mark logo meets all of your needs, as it is presented to the World.

Our hope is that you love our Design Mark.

A Trademark Story

10 Years In The Making

Climbing To The Design Summit Up To The Design Mark

Intellectual Property • Protecting The Marks: Design Mark • Word Mark

Our Trademark Story is 10 Years in the Making!

The year was 2013. The domain name ‘’ had only been secured less than a year prior to this point in time.
Using the little savings we had, we secured the domain and its annual registration every year. But there was still so much to do. We could have scrapped up enough cash to host a website on the domain. Or perhaps buy the domain email service.
No. Instead, we kept saving,… and working countless evenings and weekends on the Business.
The official logo was being designed at this time. Plus we had our Domain Name that was to become our official Business Name. However we had no way to protect them on our marketing material,… such as on Business Cards.
So an unofficial logo was created as a front. It was a black silhouette of a butterfly. Later, various Designs were created using this unofficial logo. It served its purpose in giving the baby company an identity, while it also helped protect the official logo.

We knew difficult financial decisions were also coming. 

What do we do first?
Incorporating a Business entity with the U.S. Secretary of State Office costs thousands of U.S. dollars and should require the Hiring of a Business Attorney to draw up the legal paperwork correctly.
Trademarking a Business “Word Mark” Name and “Design Mark” Logo with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office also costs thousands of U.S. dollars and should also require the Hiring of an Intellectual Property Attorney to draw up the legal paperwork correctly.
But we don’t have enough cash to do either one!?!! What to do? Which one should be first?
Regrettably, we had no money to do either one.
But it made sense to keep saving until we could afford them.
In 2017, precisely five years after securing the domain,… we had enough money to move forward with one of the two. Deciding on the Incorporation was the correct order of Business.
Event Butterfly Inc was finally and officially Incorporated on 2017 May 10th. The process cost a few months of time,… and $7,500 in Business Attorney fees and Coaching.
It was the right move at the time. Regrettably, for the Trademarks however, they would have to wait.
We spent the next five years paying back that cost,… while saving up enough money for the next phase.
After our Incorporation, we were able to begin the process of building business credit. Which was later to help us in securing Business Checking Accounts, Business Credit Cards, and upcoming Business Loans.
Later this helped us afford our biggest purchase,… a car! It was time to sell the old personal car. In 2020 we bought our first Business Car,… a used 2017 Chevy Bolt EV (fully electric).
Simultaneously we also attempted the Trademark process,… twice. Failed,… twice. Law Firms are just that,… they are firm, unflexible, and unforgiving. They require the full 100% amount upfront before even beginning. Regrettably, we were just completely tapped out financially from the needed car purchase.
The Trademark process is very lengthy, as it can last for years. So beginning the process as soon as possible was an absolute must!
Regrettably, no Law Firm would work with us on a payment plan. Getting a loan was out of the question, as we now had the Loan for the Business Car. Plus our savings were depleted,… and the little money we did have,… was going to pay for that Car Loan.
The only option was to pull from the little retirement funds we did have.
Finally, the Trademark process began in the 2022 Summer. A Better Intellectual Property Firm was hired. $3,000 was pulled from Retirement. We went forward with the Word Mark “Event Butterfly” and the Design Mark (the Logo). They were submitted in two Classes to the USPTO.
Early on within 3 months, it was discovered that a previous Mark could be similar. So we slightly modified it. Submitted.
Nearly a year passed,… and regrettably, one Class failed, and we decided to drop it, rather than putting more money toward bad.
Finally, on 2023 September and October, the other Class finally passed both Marks: the Design Mark and then the Word Mark!!!
Event Butterfly Inc has now officially and finally received its TRADEMARKS.

This story uses the “we” and “us”. Understand this is the mindset of M.D. Rinker and Event Butterfly Inc,… to be inclusive. However also understand that it has been just M.D. Rinker solo. His efforts. His time. His money. Now it is time to include others in the business… but How? That is what we need to figure out Now.