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Event Butterfly Inc

Who We Are

We Love Events!

Event Butterfly Inc supports any and all individuals & organizations that love events.

We create where Social Events intersect Holidays, Milestones, Parties, Sports, Travels, Seasons, & Regions.

We are currently creating Butterfly Designs for T-Shirts. We are building up to providing valuable Videos & Blog content.

Our Shop  displays graphic patterns on Butterfly T-Shirts for many calendar events.

Our Video  channel provides the ambient background music for hosts. The Video backgrounds display the graphic ideas found on our Shop Butterfly T-Shirts.

Our Blog  showcases the Videos, so in essence the Blog is an extension of the Video Channel. In the future we are looking for a writer to partner with. 

Mission Statement:

Promote Social Events That Preserve the Cultures and Traditions of the World.

Vision Statement:

Be The Voice of Culture That Unites People.

Our Future Together   > > >

Every month we add additional content to provide you more value. Our videos & blogs continue to grow our library of resources for you. Our Butterfly T-Shirt product line continues to be added to with new Events to offer you a wider selection! Stay tuned…

Currently we are bootstrapping our business and looking for ways to expand.

We are interested in:

  • Business Partnerships that are mutually beneficial.  
  • We have entertained a future idea of setting up Event Butterfly Inc as an (ESOP) Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Anyone with knowledge on how to bootstrap this idea, please contact us; this includes Financial Advisors and or Attorneys.
  • One of Event Butterfly’s first needs is partnering with a writer.

< < <  Our History

In 2012 the idea of Event Butterfly emerged. The domain EventButterfly.com was secured, and the young company began. Early journals and sketchbooks illustrated ideas that would come to shape the future business. Countless hours of trial and error were done. Online Research and Development. Various after-hours tech meetups were attended to learn of the website platforms that may be best suitable; networking events to meet with like-minded people; and business mentorships to learn about the workings of running a successful operation. Internet Shop experience was gained while using third party websites such as eBay and Shopify. Finally, in 2017 Event Butterfly incorporated as an official company.


Event  [ ih-vent ] 
noun  : a social occasion or activity.

Butterfly  [ buht-er-flahy ]  
noun  : any of numerous diurnal insects of the order Lepidoptera, characterized by clubbed antennae, a slender body, and large, broad, often conspicuously marked wings.
noun  : something that resembles or suggests a butterfly, especially persons occupied with the pursuit of social positivity.

Event Butterfly  [ ih-vent buht-er-flahy ]
noun  : persons seeking positive experiences at social events. 

Best Quality

Event Butterfly prints on the best quality printed T-Shirts at affordable prices! We have chosen Triblend for its superior fabric quality and composition. Do you agree? Check out the T-SHIRT TEST videos, where the 4 most common T-Shirt fabrics battle it out (Triblend, Cotton, Polyester, & Cotton-Polyester)!

Best Offers

Learn more about The Event Butterfly Collection to receive all the Discounts, Coupons, Free Music, and Giveaways! Event Butterfly provides the Best Discounts & Coupons to all our loyal supporters. We are here because of you. Thank you! 

Secure Payments

EventButterfly.com is a secure shop and our SSL certification encrypts your information while shopping. Event Butterfly has chosen PayPal as its official credit merchant to further ensure the safety of customers. Learn more on PayPal Secure Payments.

Worldwide Shipping

Event Butterfly ships all over the World! Check out our Shipping information to learn more.

Return Policy

Event Butterfly looks for your trust to earn your business for live. Read about our Policies to better understand Print on Demand products.


Event Butterfly believes in giving back. At least 10% of all Proceeds benefit top ‘A’ Rated Charities! Learn more on our Philanthropy page.


Event Butterfly gives credit where credit is due.  Check out who helps us be us on our Attributions page.

Contact Us

Event Butterfly Inc needs your feedback to best serve you. What designs are you looking to have developed? What fabric colors are you looking to go with what design? Is there a product you would like us to add? Whose Charity do we need to research to include in our partnership list? We take in all your great feedback to best design your ideas! Have a suggestion, comment, or concern? Contact Us.