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We Aim to Be the Resource as Your Favorite Social Events Website

Our Mission: 
Promote Social Events That Preserve the Cultures and Traditions of the World


Our Vision:
Be The Voice of Culture That Unites People

Butterfly T-Shirts for every Event Holiday and Travel! We are continuously adding new Butterfly T-Shirt designs to our product line.

We Love Social EVENTS! So much so, we choose the Butterfly symbol as a way to communicate this to the world. 

Currently we are building up your Shop with Butterfly Design T-Shirts. At the moment we are marketing to Women… for the Butterfly T-Shirts… and perhaps other apparel in the future. Also remember to to receive up to 20% off when joining the Event Butterfly Collection monthly newsletter on the Promo page. 

Is there a market for a Male audience with Butterfly T-Shirts? We definitely need Heavy Metal Iron Butterfly Designs and Military Gun Butterflies too! We already have some Military Designs… and thank you so much for your service… Hoorah!

Do you want to receive Checklists to various Events and Holidays? This is in the works! Again visit the Event Butterfly Collection on the Promo page to be a part of it.

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